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Updated on March 30, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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Okay, I know I probably have an ear or sinus infection, but I'm not going to the doctor... my kids have pediatrician appointments Friday and if I still feel awful, I'll talk to THEIR doc ;)

My ears, specifically my left one, are soooo stuffy; I feel like I'm underwater when I'm speaking. I'm probably yelling at everyone because I can't hear myself. Yeah, I've had a gnarly head cold the past few days, and probably a fever... but I'm a mom, I'm not admitting I'm sick until I'm DYING. I need an OTC remedy for this, please and thank you :)

Usually I put a few drops of sweet oil in there and it clears right up (learned this when I worked in a pharmacy)... I've also used the ear wax candles in the past, but no where near me sells them :(

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies :) I've been on sudafed, tylenol severe congestion, and day/nyquil.... no dice :( My little man took a turn for the worse last night so when we go to the doc TODAY (not waiting for tmrw), I'll ask them, but thanks!!

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My son had this a few weeks ago. He got so congested he couldn't hear. We got him on a prescription decongestant for about a week.
The OTC stuff wasn't cutting it.

Also, try a sinus rinse of saline or netty pot. All those sinuses are connected, you know.....the nose, the ears, the all works together. If you can clear the nasal passages, you can relieve pressure other places.

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My ears have also been stuffy and I've had bad chest congestion too. My husband said he thinks it's just pressure and to take a decongestant. So I bought a nasal decongestant - says on the box "relieves sinus pressure" and sure enough my ears feel better.

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answers from Washington DC on

you must have suffered from congestion from your suspected sinus/ear infection. you may need a decongestant. However, if you are hypertensive, you need to consult your doctor before even trying to buy OTC meds. It must also be an allergy. Zyrtec, an antihistamine could help relieve the symptoms of stuffy ears. Prednisone also usually works.

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I would think any good OTC decongestant would work. The netti pot idea was also good. Personally I'm grossed out by them but my husband loves his, so if you're brave, go for it! ;)



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My mom always warmed a little olive oil, put in on a bit of a cotton and put in our ear when we went to sleep. It seems to help. I also find using a warm compress right behind and under your ear will help- though they may drain into your throat.


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Take a sudafed (the one you have to ask the pharmacist for from behind the counter). My husband had "stuffed" ears for WEEKS after a common headcold. He went to the Dr.s like 3 times JUST for the stuffed ear part of it. He is an air traffic controller... could not work unless his hearing was perfect (they communicate with the airplanes via a radio/ear piece). So he was burning sick leave when he didn't even feel bad, with no end in sight. He'd even been told by a co-worker that something similar had happened to that her, and hers lasted for almost 2 months!

Called our BIL, (medical field) and said "WHAT THE HECK?"
Told him to get the sudafed. It reduced the swelling/congestion in his sinus/ear canals enough that he could hear just fine. When the dose wore off, the ability to hear did, too. Over the course of about 2 more weeks, it slowly got better and better until he was fine.

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