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Ear Drops

K.A. asks from Boston

My 5 year old has ear tubes. We are now on the second round of ear drops for a lingering infection. The poor kid hates the drops and it's a battle each time we have...


Ear Drops Burning.

B.L. asks from Tulsa

My son is 6 years old. Has had 2 sets of tubes. Just a few months ago they fell out. I am not sure if they both did, I know one did. Anyways, since it has fallen out ...


Garlic Drops - Ear Infection

S.B. asks from Portland

Has anyone had success using garlic drops instead of antibiotics for toddler's ear infection? My 19month old son developed an ear infection and the doctor gave him a...


Drops for Ears

A.S. asks from San Diego

Does anyone use any drops for their child's ears,to prevent swimmers ear???


Antibiotic Drops

C. asks from Charlotte

Hi ladies, My son's pediatrician has prescribed Ciprodex for an ear infection. My son had tubes put in 03/07/08, but has still had an ear infection is his right ...


~Eye Drops~

J.R. asks from Houston

I need some suggestions on how to give my 19 month old eye drops! The first time was easy, but now he knows whats about to happen and he fights me. I am willing to ...


Cough Drops

M.K. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any medical information about the use of cough drops? Has anyone's Pediatrician told them about any particular dangers of using for toddlers (other ...


Getting Ear Drops in 2 Year Olds Ears!

J.E. asks from Orlando

Does anyone have any tips/tricks on getting a 2 year old (just turned 2 in Dec)to let you put ear drops in the ears? My son has tubes (though one just fell out)and h...


Has Anyone Tried Ear Candling?

J.J. asks from Buffalo

I have a lot of ear wax and I hate getting my ears flushed through the doctor's office. Plus they make you use that ear wax softener for 4 days which usually makes m...


Infant Motrin Drops

S.W. asks from Dallas

My 3 month old son has had an ear infection. He weighs 14.5 pounds. My girlfriends say it is alright to alternate every two hours between tylenol infant drops and mo...