Stuffing Envelopes? Work at Home?

Updated on March 30, 2011
S.S. asks from Portland, OR
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Does anybody know if there is real places that let you earn $$$ at home like stuffing envelopes? If so was it good pay or did you come out even after paying the postage fees? Im very curios since Im limited on what I can do. If any of you knows any other suggestions PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

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answers from Dallas on

SCAM..... You never pay someone so you can work for them.

You'll be hit up with all the direct marketers on here trying to recruit you to sell their stuff.

Think outside the box.... what do YOU like to do and what are YOU good at.

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answers from Rochester on

Absolutely do not do this. Although technically legal, it is just as previous people have are not selling a product or a service, but turning around and telling OTHERS how they can make money stuffing envelopes. Then they turn around and tell OTHERS how to make money stuffing envelopes. With no product and no service, it seems like a huge scam to me. I've never seen a legit one.

I have honestly NEVER heard of, seen, read about, or known someone with an honest work at home job that didn't require a LOT of work. If you are limited on time or have other issues, may I suggest a paper route? I have one, I deliver once a week (a free Saturday edition) and make 120-160 a month. That's for three hours a Saturday. Plus, I live on the route, so there are literally no costs for me to do it.

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answers from Chicago on

I worked in advertising for the past several years and worked with many women who did reputable home based businesses like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. DO NOT DO THE STUFFING ENVELOPES!!!! This is almost always a scam and you will not earn the money they promise you.


answers from Topeka on

I have always heard about this. But I don't know if they are legit and I have never heard of anyone I know doing it.

Any other suggestions would be getting your Medical Coding certificate through an online program and being a Coder from home.
You could also do things like Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Amway, Scentsy, Premier Jewelry, Barefoot Books, Usborne Books, and so many more that are legit companies you can make money by working for.


answers from Rochester on

I do know my husband sent something in (we were desperate and he'd been out of work for a long time) for stuffing envelopes. It was technically legitimate but more of a scam and very misleading. I would strongly discourage trying that. You would be better off doing something that is more of an established business like selling Mary Kay, Partylite, Avon, Pampered Chef, or something like that. You can work as little or much as you want and some women do it for extra spending money or make it their career. (I do have friends who have sold for some of those and one who has gone career.)

That is my only experience or direct knowledge of work from home, though.


answers from Boston on

I have a friend that stuffed envelopes. She said it wasn't worth it. :(



answers from Pittsburgh on

There is a cafemom group about working from home with both jobs and businesses on it. Very few work at home jobs will pay much, some I have seen are $5 an hour or less, is that really worth your time?? I would suggest you look into a business, think about what you like, how much time you have, the investment cost, and what you are looking for in an income. If you are interested, go to my website, and I will gove you a call, the information is free, the cost to get started is $29. Definitely DON"T even think about envelope stuffing.



answers from Nashville on

Well I did it when I was in my young 20's. Basically I sent $25 for the information to 'stuff the envelopes'. Not sure if it has changed but i got a letter telling me how to post an add for people to pay me $25 to learn how to stuff envelopes! yes, I got a flyer that I was to copy and hang up or I could put an ad in the paper or however I wanted to advertise. The envelopes i would be stuffing would be the ones with this flyer in them getting ppl to send me $25 and learn how to make money stuffing envelopes! Seriously??? DON'T DO IT!

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