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Updated on June 18, 2013
R.S. asks from Austin, TX
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Hello! I've been a stay at home mom for the past couple of years, I have another year to go before my little on is off to school. Things get a bit tight financially wise, and I am debating looking into some of these "work from home" companies. I'm not sure which ones to trust, etc. Does any one have any experience with any companies, where I could bring in just a little extra income? Thanks in advance!

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answers from New York on

I work from home however I work for a non-profit association who has a virtual office. I am very weary of those work from home jobs so I would try to find a corporation that allows virtual positions instead. I do have to say working from home with young kids is not easy. I have to work when they are sleeping pretty much so my nap and bedtimes until I go to sleep are spent working. Then while they are up is when I try to get chores and cooking done. It is a lot and I have very little time to myself. Just a thought if you kids are young.

Oh, and I only work 15-20 hrs a week for the most part.

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answers from Sacramento on

Do a search. This gets asked just about every day.

Big thing to keep in mind is childcare. Who is going to watch your child while you're working? Legit work-at-home jobs will require childcare. Work is work. Unless you want to do something like party shows (Mary Kay, candles, etc.) you can work around a spouse's schedule, you'll need a quiet work space with devoted work time, typically during normal business hours. It's a common misconception that you can work at home and watch children simultaneously (well, you can, but you'll do neither well).

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answers from Dallas on

This gets asked all the time. PLUS, now that you asked, you will have all the MLM'rs and direct sales people trying to sign you up to get rich quick.

Remember the old saying.... If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!! PLUS, is someone asks you for money, RUN

Working from home is WORK. You cannot work for a company AND be with your children. If it were that easy, no one would work outside the home!!

Most people who do work from home are required to have child care, dedicated office space, phone/internet lines and sometimes the hours are flexible, depending on what you are doing.

I do work from home running our company. There is NO way I could do my job with a child under foot. One mistake could mean thousands of dollars lost for my family. I run all the financials, schedule trucking companies for deliveries, etc. I have to be spot on 100% when I am in my office working.

Most companies will not hire telecommuters because one first has to prove that they do have a strong work ethic, self disciplined, etc. Most people who do work from home have already proven themselves with their company.

For someone like yourself.... think outside the box. Childcare is always an option because you can watch your children and your children have playmates.

Sell things on Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist. My daughter is having a fantastic time right now purchasing specific items for her dorm room this fall off Etsy. She LOVES that site.

You say your youngest will be in school in the fall? Substitute teach. Schools need substitute teachers, especially bilingual and special ed.

When my daughter was in K I was asked to apply for substituting and I did. I do have a college degree which is required for subbing. Anyway, I subbed while she was in school and I still sub. It was extra money, roughly $500 a month play money for me to use for my hair salon, housekeeper, etc.

Even though I run my company from home, I still substitute 1 or 2 days a week. Most of my jobs are pre arranged because I have been there so long. Subbing allows me to be with the children that I LOVE plus is an extra income stream that I could fall back on and step it up to full time work if needed.

Good luck

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answers from Washington DC on

It's been discussed before, so you should do a search on the topic. My recommendation is to try It worked well for me (job I have now) and a friend quickly found a few per-project jobs after she signed up. You must evaluate the job, pay your own taxes, review your contracts, but it can be a good resource.

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answers from San Francisco on

Pretty much the only legit "work at home" job is childcare.
Some people are able to transition their current job to a work from home job (like a CPA, or consultant for example) but even those jobs require you to hire someone to watch your child, and I assume you don't want to pay for childcare, right?
The other option is to work PT evenings and/or weekends. I've known a few moms who did that, at Target and Starbucks. They were able to earn some extra money with no childcare costs (because the kids were home with dad) win win!

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answers from Albuquerque on

The "work from home" companies are all scams. Seriously. Every single one of them. If it was so easy to make money at home while watching our kids, everyone would be doing it. Some will ask for money - those are scams. Others will offer to get you lists of companies that hire work from home employees - those are scams too. Medical coding is a scam. Transcription is a scam.

How about selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist? Do Avon or Pampered Chef?

Or if you have any particular skills and have access to babysitting for your child, you could look into regular companies that allow virtual employees. I work full time from home -- have been for 10 years. My kids have always had a nanny or gone to school, though, because there's no way I could do my job if I was also watching them.

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answers from Phoenix on

My husband works at home.I am not gonna say what he works for but he gets paid $25 for every appointment he has!He ends up with around $200-$400 a week.Its not a lot but it helps us get ready to move

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answers from Chicago on

I just want to point out that medical transcription is not a scam. Nor is medical coding. You do have to go to school to be certified first though. With medical transcription you also have to type extremely fast.

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