Sore Throat - Farmington,MI

Updated on October 25, 2012
J.S. asks from Farmington, MI
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My throat has been sore for a few days. Tonight I looked at I I have white spots on both sides. No fever (that I know of). Just stuffy, head ache and sore throat. Virus? Something more because of the white spots? Your experiences?

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So What Happened?

Went to CVS minute clinic, double ear infection AND strep! Awesome day! Thanks everyone.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you had a strep test? Might be time.
Til then, try honey & cider vinegar, equal parts. I hear its magic!
And gargle with warm salt water.
Feel better!

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answers from San Antonio on

likely strep.

I'd take a zinc supplement with dinner. Today and tomorrow and until you see the dr or until the sore throat goes away.

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answers from Charlotte on

Strep... go get swabbed, J.. You don't want to chance rheumatic or scarlet fever. Really and truly. If you have strep, you need antibiotics.




answers from Detroit on

Sounds like strep Which is highly contagious So I would go to the doctor


answers from Washington DC on

I have had white spots with a sore throat too but never went to the DR and it got better in a few days. That is all I know and I hope you feel better soon. Drinking a lot of hot tea always helps me too.



answers from Detroit on

Sounds like strep throat. A fever is not always associated with strep throat. I would go to the doctor.



answers from Louisville on

Can anyone tell you about your breath? Strep breath has it's own scent...

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