Could There Be STREAP Without a Fever?

Updated on May 29, 2013
M.J. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi moms
My daughter started complaining of a soar throat yeasterday (4)... she has no cold, no fever, no cough... at first i thought it was just dry, but she woke up a few times at night saying 'it still hurts, it still hurts"... all the doctor offices are closed today, i checked her mouth, no sores or anything out of the ordinary.... could it be Streap?? in my experience, Strep comes with Fever, no?
tell me i dont need to go to Urgent Care :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Could be simple drainage irritating the tissue in the throat. If her throat is swollen she needs to see a doc. My granddaughter's throat swelled so much it nearly closed. She was in the hospital for a week. The doc said he'd never seen a throat like hers that wasn't Mono. Three tests for Mono came back negative though.



answers from Washington DC on

my daughter has strep right now. this is the first time it has come with a low grade fever (100.5). She felt much hotter, but 3 temp reads were all the same.

Usually she gets a runny nose that is like a faucet and no fever.

It is possible that it is just allergies. Keep her drinking and see if it helps.

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answers from Austin on

It could be many things.....

and yes, we've had strep without a fever before. I had taken daughter #2 in to the doctor with a sore throat, and asked him to also check daughter #1, because she had been complaining off and on all week....

Yep, they BOTH had strep. No real way to tell without a strep test.

If she isn't running a fever, I would wait until tomorrow and see what happens.

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answers from Tampa on

My son never gets a fever when he has strep. One day he say his throat was itchy then the next we took him to his pysch and he was checking him and said to have him tested for strep his throat was red and sure enough he had it. I would get your child checked

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answers from Detroit on

I took my son for a well child visit.. dr asked if there were any problems. and I said .. well he said his throat hurt yesterday.. dr peeked in his mouth.. said that looks like strep.. the kid had no fever was acting fine except saying his throat hurt. and I think he only complained two times all day.. so you just cant tell.

I don't think you need to go to urgent care.. your dr. office tomorrow would be fine if she is still complaining.

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answers from Chicago on

The only time my son had strep, he had no fever. Just a sore throat. I only took him to the dr because others in his class had it. His doctor didn't think he had it, but did a culture anyways, and sure enough it was strep.

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answers from Miami on

Strep (that's how you spell it) can indeed exist without a fever. Both of my kids sometimes have strep with no fever. Sometimes it presents as an nauseous stomach.

Wait until the doctor's office is open and take her in and ask for a strep test. It's okay to not take her to urgent care.

It could be a virus, but you don't want to play with strep because untreated, it can cause scarlet fever or even rhuematic fever.

Good luck and hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Dallas on

Since I was 16, I have had strep 19 times. I rarely have a fever, maybe 5 of those times. I only get a sore throat.
I think if you just get her to rest today and give her liquids and Motrin/Tylenol, you can wait till tomorrow and get her in to her doctor. She should be fine. If she starts complaining that she CAN'T swallow, then you need to go to urgent care. My first bout with strep was so bad that my throat almost swelled shut.

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answers from Boston on

Could be strep...could also be a cold or allergies....strep doesn't always come with a fever...doesn't always come with a sore throat either...and from what I understand it's not supposed to come with a cough....sometimes it's a headache or stomach stuff, like throwing up, if she feels crappy and her throat still hurts, it may not be a bad idea to go to urgent care...

Hope she feels better

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answers from Colorado Springs on

As it happens, I myself am getting over strep, which came unaccompanied by fever. So take it from one who knows. Your daughter's throat can hurt without a fever. Ask her if her ears hurt. It would be a good idea to get on the phone to the doctor tomorrow, if she doesn't feel any better. Better safe than sorry.

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answers from Toledo on

The only time I've ever had strep, I did not have a fever. Have you given her anything? Tylenol, ibuprofen? Anything? If you have, and it hasn't helped, then maybe take her to Urgent Care. If you haven't given her anything, it's definitely worth a try.

I don't think strep is so urgent that you HAVE to take her to urgent care today. A trip to the doctor tomorrow isn't really going to hurt her ... unless she's really in pain or very uncomfortable. Then I might want to take her today.

Personally, if I thought it was strep I would take my kid. But we have a co-pay with our insurance that is the same whether it's a doctor's visit or urgent care. Also, I'd be thinking about how they're not supposed to go back to school until they've been on meds for 24 hours, so I'd want them to be able to go back as soon as possible.

Good luck! Hope she feels better soon.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter has had strep 5 times since August (we have an appt. with an ENT next month) and she has only had a fever with 1 of them. They way I know she has it is, she will say her throat hurts, I will check it out with a flash light and she gets little red dots on the roof of her mouth towards the back. Her tonsils also get HUGE. I have a feeling she might have it again and we will be calling the dr. tomorrow when they open. She also never looses her energy, but will have nasty breath.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I definitely would not take her to urgent care for this. I typically will wait 3 days if the only symptom is a sore throat. My kids typically have the worse sore throat ever , fever, strawberry tongue, white spots in their throat and their voice sounds "streppy". However, when my youngest was 3 I took her to the doc because her sister had strep the week before and my daughter had a rash on her belly and chest. The nurse thought I was nuts for insisting on a strep test because my daughter was not the least bit sick but she ended up having strep.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Often a sore throat is just the first symptom of a cold.



answers from New York on

Never met a kid who had strep without a fever! Wait until tomorrow if she is still complaining. Might be the beginning of a cold.



answers from Columbus on

Strep can be present with literally no symptoms or any combination of symptoms. My daughter, who had her tonsils out in December because of chronic strep infections and then got strep again in March, almost never has a fever. Just a horrible sore throat that she 90% of the time correctly identifies without a test (verified by a test). Don't run off to urgent care, but when you can, call and get a strep test.



answers from Seattle on

Gargle with warm salt water, give her motrin/tylenol, chicken soup, jello and popsicles, and wait 24 hours for these symptoms. Having no fever is a great sign. Sounds like a little cold.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't take any chances when it comes to strep. My son had strep with no symptoms what so ever, never complained of his throat hurting, no fever, no coughing, nothing. Then in a weeks time he had two migraines, which run in the family so I didn't think much of it, but the second migraine he got, he couldn't walk, he could barely talk because he was in so much pain and then his fever spiked to almost 104. I rushed him to the ER (as it was about 9 at night when this all started), where they said he had an upper respiratory infection (the doctor did nothing for my son, wasn't worried about my concerns with the headaches and our family history and didn't run any tests), and sent us home. The next day I took him to his regular doctor, and it turns out he had strep, and we didn't know it and it went so long without being treated that he developed scarlet fever. After a strong course of antibiotics, he is now fine. But anytime he says his throat hurts or he gets a migraine, I'm at the doctors getting tested for strep. My thinking is, I would rather pay the copay and know it's not strep, than risk scarlet fever. (just as a side note, I have filed many complaints against the ER and the doctor who severely misdiagnosed my son, I'm now on a first name basis with the chief of staff lol) Good luck, hope you're daughter feels better.



answers from Washington DC on

Strep CAN come without a fever.

Get her tested at the pediatrican's ASAP. Ask for the lab test, not just the "quick test," because the quick test (done in the office and you get results right away) sounds convenient but can produce false negatives. A kid can test negative for strep then get worse and when you come back two or three days later -- hey, the kid did have strep after all. We've had that happen and so have friends.

Strep is common but you do need to get it treated quickly and take it seriously. If left untreated it can develop into scarlet fever or, in really bad cases, into even more serious infections. It is so easily treated -- please don't let "I don't want to go to the doctor" keep you from just gettting your child tested and treated if needed. Yeah, it could be cold, but get strep ruled in or ruled out first.



answers from Kansas City on

Not LIKELY Strep without a fever, but possible.
Here's info from the Mayo Clinic:

Does it get better as the day goes on? Is it worse in the morning? Could be sinus or allergy related then.

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