Son Has Been Complaining of His Leg Hurting - 4 Yrs Old

Updated on December 11, 2007
B.S. asks from Chicago Ridge, IL
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Hello all. About an hour or so after my son woke up, he was rubbing his right thigh and saying his leg hurt. I know kids will sometimes say things just for attn so i brushed it off that time. Well as the day has gone on, he has continued to say it hurts without me asking him about it, and he is also limping, hes clearly trying to not put alot of weight on his right leg. I asked him if he fell and hurt himself mabye getting out of bed (his bed has rails all the way around it, so he climbs over thme to get out) He said no, and i am not aware of anytimes that he could have hurt it. There is no bruising or swelling. I mentioned it to a good friend of mine and she said..maybe he pulled a muscle when he was coughing (he currently has strep, ear infection, and a mild case of bronchiolitis) all of which he seen the doc for on thursday and is being treated.

Any thoughts on rather i should take him to the doc or see if it just passes. He still is playing quite a bit, but often he will mention that it hurts..and he definitely is not jumping on furniture or running down the hall like he tends to do at some point of every day.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
B. (Chicago Ridge)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for your input. It seems that the growing pains is what it is. I gave him some motrin on Sunday night, and monday morning, and monday evening i walked into the room and caught him jumping off of his little tykes table, over a chair and landing on his feet...umm id say he was feeling better. I did see him limping again later on, but since it seems to come and go, im certain its the growing pains. Thanks again


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My daughter went thru the same thing. I would rub her legs and give her motrin, until an older lady told me to put a bar of Ivory soap in between her sheets. It apparently is an older generation solution. Anyway I did it without my daughters knowledge, and she has not complained since. Can't figure out how it works, but it does!!!



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Growing pains... My son has them and he's 6.. he began having them about 2 yrs ago and he would wake up in the middle of the night crying and rubbing his leg. I thought he too was just crying for attention, but they continued. I took him to the doctor who told me that it was a growing thing and to give him a bit of motrin or advil about 1 hr before bedtime and do some stretching exercises especially if he was running around more than normal that day.. It has helped.. He's just now starting to grow out of them.. But they were horrible. Good Luck!



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Believe it or not, it could be growing pains. My daughter experienced this, ( growing pains), from the time she was 4 until 8 years old. It usually surfaces while sleeping, or right when they get up. I was really taken by surprised, because I thought "growing pains" was an emotional term, when it in reaity, it is definitely physical, and definitely painful. The child complains that it is in their leg, but, supposedly it forms moreso from their back and their hip. It just means that they are growing. I used to give my daughter some tylenol, and for the years she experienced this, we called it "leg medicine"! I thought, at first, my daughter was imitating her father, complaining like he does, with leg and knee pain, because I never heard of the reality of this. It is real, and so is the pain. Best of Luck!



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It may be growing pains. My daughter has started having them. Ask your doctor for suggestions.



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Hi B.,

First, you absolutely should talk to your doctor about it.

My daughter has similar problems sometimes and the doctors think it's growing pains. She's been x-rayed and tested and they've found nothing.

It's better to be checked out and discover that it's nothing more than normal aging.

Best of luck!!!!




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My son is 5 yrs old and he has the same symptoms. In his case it is clearly growing pains. I massage his legs often to relieve the pain and he says that helps. The pain comes and goes. Now my step-son is the same age and he has it constantly where he actually limps. We do the same to him just massage his legs and feet and he also says it helps. When you go to the doctor he/she can rule out other serious conditions, but most likely it is just that. Good luck!

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