"Slightly" Positive Pregnancy Test??

Updated on March 11, 2009
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hello! Here's a little bit of a background. When I am not on the pill my periods are super iregular. I think it was pure luck that we got pregnant on the first try with baby #1 who is now 17 months old. Well, we are trying again. I started my last period on Jan 12 and haven't had one since. I have an appt a week from Monday to go to the DR and will most likely start Clomid since I am so irregular. Well, I take my AM temp each day and I know it rises when your perid is coming or when you are pregnant. It has been high since Feb 27 and still no period. I have tested a few times and it always came back negative. Well today I took a test and a dark line showed up to show it worked (I always use the Walhgreens brand test),like always, but then a very faint line also showed up in the window to show you are pregnant. It was very faint, but my DH agreed he saw it. (I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining it!!) That has never happened, but could it be a false positive? I don't want to get excited, and of course I don't have any more tests at home (AAAHH) so I am wondering if anyone really has gotten a "false positive" on a test.

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So What Happened?

Just like you all suspected, I AM pregnant! Because of my irregular periods they are having me come in for some blood work but I most likely am due in November. YEA!!!

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answers from Des Moines on

Sounds like you're preggers! That happened to me too. My first one was VERY light...I had to keep looking because I thought maybe I was imagining it, it was so light. But I kept taking tests over the next few days and they got darker. I still had a hard time believing it, I don't know why. I am 25 weeks preggers now!

Dollar Tree tests do work...I used a bunch of those...and the cheaper wal-mart ones. Congrats and good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My faint line pregnancy test was indeed POSITIVE I have a 7 year old to prove it. The dollar store sells accurate tests. They are not the kind you pee on, you have to pee in a cup but they are very accurate and cheap. Go buy a bunch and test every morning I guarantee the the line will darken each day.




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I used First Response and got a positive on 12 days past ovulation but I'm real regular too. I tested at 10 and 11 and got nothing but a very, very faint almost not noticeable at 12 days past ovulation. You could wait and ask the doctor to test you on Monday or if it were me I'd be at the store ASAP to buy another test:) I've heard of false positives so it could be but it could also mean you're pregnant!!



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

If you don't already know for sure, you are most likely pregnant. I had the same thing with both pregnancies. My midwife told me "well you are just barely pregnant sweetie!". Wait another day or so and test again and your line should gradually get darker. Congrats!



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I'd say you are pregnant! The same thing happened to me last time. One test was negative, then a week later, a faint positive... now a 3 month old baby girl.





answers from Minneapolis on

To my knowledge there isn't a such thing as a false positive, just a false negative.



answers from Duluth on

There is no such thing as a false positive for the pregnancy tests, only false negatives. If the line is there you are pregnant. If it is faint it is only because the level on the hormones is still low so it is not showing up well.




answers from Minneapolis on

You can always try another brand of pregnancy test if you want to be sure, but I would guess that you are indeed pregnant. I am a nurse at Children's, yes we do perform pregnancy tests often, as long as the control line shows up (that would be the line that showed the test worked) any kind of visible pink line in the pregnancy window, no matter how faint, is considered positive. You can schedule blood and urine tests with your OB to confirm too. I hope everything goes well!



answers from Minneapolis on

False positives are incredibly rare. If there was a line, however faint it was, you're most likely pregnant.



answers from Minneapolis on

Oh yay! This is very exciting. Usually, if there is any HINT of a line, however faint, that means it's positive. It is extremely rare to get a false positive. If I were you, I'd go out and get a few more tests - and spend a little more for the one that has a digital "pregnant" or "not pregnant" readout instead of a line. Get some cheapo lined ones too (Target has really cheap line tests) and take a billion! When you get more positives, you'll know. Best of luck to you!!!
Amy K

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