Odds of a False Positive? I Am Freakin Out!!!

Updated on May 19, 2011
S.S. asks from Osgood, IN
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Ok so my son is almost two and my husband and I thought this would be a good time to try for our second (and last) child. But I didnt want to acutually "try" meaning I didnt want to really chart my cycle figure out when I am ovulating and wait and wait two weeks to see if we were pregnant, and be disapionted if we weren't. I was worried it would make sex into a chore for us. So I told him we would just start having unprotected sex and what happens, happens. ok thats the first part. Next you should know that my cycle is not completely regular. my cycle ranges from 27-31 days long with most of the being 29, but I have not missed a period since I had my son almost two years ago. today is the 30th day of my cycle and I decided to take a pregnancy test (it was a cheapo $ store one so I figure the worst thing that could happen is I waste a $1) the test says it takes 1-3 minutes, (it is the type that includes a dropper not the kind you have to hold in your urine, but the kind where you have to pee in a cup and then put several drops on the test strip) about a minute and a half later a line appeared in the positive box. very faint but my period is only a day or so late at most. I am not on any drugs that could effect my hormones, I have never had a miscarriage, The test was not expired, and I know I preformed it correctly. So what are the odds it is a false positive. I really hope I am pregnant but dont want to feel a huge let down if the test is wrong!

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So What Happened?

so i took another one (different brand) this morning and it was positive as well. and now that i think about bit being pregnant would explain the exhaustion (almost falling aslep mid conversation) and back pain i have had the past three or four days.

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answers from Dallas on

Congratulations! If the line appears, no matter how dark or light, within the time frame of the test then it is positive. Some brands of dollar store tests are actually more sensitive than EPT tests, etc. (you can go to www.peeonastick.com to read about the test you took) If I were you I'd run and take another test of a different brand, but it's going to show you the same thing. Congratulations again! =)

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answers from Gainesville on

Congrats! My first doctor told me that false positive pregnancy test not really possible b/c all the test check for a hormone that you body only produces if you are preggers.. false negatives are much more likely since you might not have enough of that hormone dep on how much you drank etc.

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answers from Albany on

Yay!Quick, go get a couple more tests and call us back!!


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answers from Dayton on

Umm. It sounds like you're pregnant!
Digitals and blue dye tests are notorious for giving false readings...traditional pink dye tests...are not.
In fact, they say there is no such thing as a false positive, only false negatives because the test is reading HCG (pregnancy hormone) in your pee.


If it makes you feel any better, go get another test and take it first thing tomorrow morning.
But it sounds like a happy day to me!

FWIW, I have been pregnant 3 times and always got a positive right when my period was due...so it's not too early to test.

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answers from Phoenix on

Doesn't matter how faint the line, positive is positive. CONGRATS!!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I was told false positives are VERY rare - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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answers from Houston on

Congratulations!! Wish I would get great news like that : )

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answers from Chicago on

Those tests are very accurate. Congratulations! if you are unsure...get the preggy test for dummies LOL...The digital one that says Pregnant/Not pregnant...I am sure you are though :)

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answers from Tucson on

Well, buy an better test, if it also comes out positive, then I would say Congrats. As for the current test it depends on the type. I never use the cheap ones and I always take two, 24 hours apart. Good Luck!


answers from Chicago on

Um, yeah when I took my preggers test the second line did not show up well enough until 10 min after - it was already in the trash and I was already thinking "not pregnant" ... HE found it in the trash and asked me to look again!
Plus my understanding is you can have false negatives but not false positives but you could spend a bit more cash and get the EPT preg/not preg version .. those are my fav.



answers from Dallas on

I am one of the rare ones that had a false positive, I had a very faint line, then I got my period a few days later - I was GLAAAAAAAD!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

The accuracy doesn't have anything to do with the cost of the test. My OB told me that they use the same exact ones that you can buy at the dollar store. There really isn't any difference between those and the name brand ones, except the cost.

It's rare to get a false positive, but I suppose it is possible. I would get another one (or 10) and test again first thing in the morning.



answers from Albuquerque on

Sounds like a congrats are in order! My tests were always light too. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!



answers from Sacramento on

I had a false positive on digital one. The stupid thing read "Pregnant." Nice. I went to the ER thinking I was having a miscarriage and it was my period. They told me there, "Well, those tests are 99% accurate, so someone is the 1%." I had never, ever heard of a false positive, but I am proof that it happens.

I would never go by the results of one home test. Get a real test done at the doctor's office.

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