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Updated on August 17, 2010
S.C. asks from Medical Lake, WA
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I have had redness on the sides of my nose for years now and I am tired of trying to cover it up with concealer! I rarely blow my nose (so it is not from that, although it kind of looks like it) and I don't think it is rosacea. Do you have any suggestions as far as products to try or what to do? I do not have any other skin issues or sensitive skin. Thanks for your time in advance!

Edit ~ Just wanted to clarify, it is mostly the skin to the left and right of my nose, not on my actual nose. It looks like when you've had a cold and blown your nose too much! But I do not have a cold (and rarely do) or even allergies.

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I have a splotchy complexion, and it was really bothering me enough to make me wear foundation, which I have never done before. I got a tip to cleanse my face with honey, and after about 5 days I noticed my complexion had evened out really nicely and I no longer felt I needed to wear make up.

I wipe honey on my face a few minutes before taking a shower (after removing my shirt, of course) and just let the steam in the shower help my skin absorb the honey, then rinse it with cool water the last thing before getting out of the shower.

good luck!

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My mom's dermatologist told her to start using Cereve moisturizer regularly because it's such a good product. She just liked the way it made her skin feel, in general, so she gave me a jar of it. I started putting it on a couple of eczema spots my son had and it cleared them right up. I don't know if it would help in your situation, but it's a pretty safe and inexpensive product--seems like it might be a good place to start. My mom bought it at Walgreen's--over the counter for about $12, I think.



answers from Seattle on

If you haven't gone to the doctor to ask what it might be other than rosacea, why not? I think that might be a starting point for you.


answers from Austin on

I have the red flaky patches on my nose that is similar to dandruff. I'm currently trying a combination of prescription strength hydrocortizone and an anti-fungal cream. My dermatologist said this is the standard treatment, but long term can cause thinning of the skin. He also gave me a sample of promiseb cream to try next. There was a similar question to this a while ago that didn't get many answers either,
P.S.- There's a picture of red skin beside somone's nose on the web site for Promiseb cream, so you can see if this looks like what you have.



answers from Portland on

I have this too on the sides of my nose for years! so I am curious to see your responses. A few years back my dr had me use 2.5 cortizone and it would work for awhile but you have to be careful because it thins your skin and can't use daily

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