SIMILAC On Recall...

Updated on October 01, 2010
R.B. asks from Tewksbury, MA
6 answers

i can't believe this...jus as my son getting use to a formular something goes wrong! it came on the news (jamaica) this morning that all mothers sould stop use the Similac formular because its contaminated!!! wat am i gonna buy now??? and he does even like Enfamil???? help plzzzzzzzzz

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answers from Boston on

I don't think Similac will be on the shelves for a while so you don't really have a choice about trying something else. Just buy a small can if you're worried he won't like it. I also used only Similac for the past 10 months but my son is now drinking Enfamil and likes it just fine. There's also Gerber Goodstart and most stores have their own brand too, honestly I think they're all the same. I am grossed out that there is actual beetle larva in the formula, I really hope my son wasn't drinking that!



answers from New York on

its the powder only!!! not the premade...


answers from Barnstable on

Get a prescription for breastmilk or ask a local breastfeeding club for donations. Our club, Cape Cod Breastfeeding Moms, set up one mom who couldn't nurse with enough donated milk to last at least another 7 months!



answers from Boston on

I sympathize with you and am wondering myself how bad it really is. I just bought $60 worth of the stuff at Costco last week. :( I got my some the Enfamil kind in the yellow container and that seemed to work fine. He is 9 months old.


answers from Los Angeles on

There are a ton of formulas out there. I liked enfamil, but if your son doesn't like it try Target's brand formula or wal-marts.



answers from Boston on

Buy the liquid kind. My son is on it too and the liquid version is okay.

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