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Enfamil or Similac

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have had the experience of using both of these brands and can help me make a decision on which to go with. I used Similac Isolmil Advanced with my daughter but just read a study that the Enfamil ProSobee Lipil has higher levels of nutrients in it than the Similac. I am so used to the name brand Similac that using something different worries me without some input. If any of you could share your experiences with me I would appreciate it! Also, just in case, I am not at all against breast feeding and...


Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...


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Similac Checks/coupons Needed

I could really use Similac checks/coupons if you get them and don't use or need them. My baby was diagnosed with a milk allergy a couple of weeks ago and is now on Alimentum. This is creating a dent in our budget! So any coupons you could share would be great!!! Please send me a message if you have any you'd liek to share! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



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What Comes After Breastmilk?

I am exclusively feeding my 4 month old son breastmilk. He never latched on, so I pump and bottle feed him my breastmilk. (We tried several lactation consultants and breastfeeding clinics to no avail). Pumping is taking a lot out of me. It is very hard work, time consuming, and painful (I sometimes get blisters on my nipples). Knowing how important it is I am trying really hard to make it to the 6 month mark, which at that time I would like to stop. My question is....if I stop do I then have to start feeding my son formula? Or cow's...


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Unhappy with Similac Sensitive, Painful Gas, Crying Baby. Good Start? Soy? Alim?

Hi all, my now 3 month old (2nd son, 13 mo apart), is super uncomfortable, with gas, pains, tummy issues. always has been. three or four relatives have said he's collicky - but he doesn't cry for the 3 hrs a day pre-requisite! i've spoken to the dr., and since he was gaining weight well, she wasn't too concerned... they say some babies are just gassier than others, babies cry, etc. we were on similac organic, then after the recall, and after watching my son have more gas pains, or so i think, she suggested trying similac sensitive, it's...

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Generic Baby Formula and Name Brands

I'm having such a hard time with breastfeeding and I'm thinking about going to formula. Is the generic basically the same as the expensive stuff, such as similac?