Shower and Wedding Gifts.

Updated on May 01, 2011
M.L. asks from West Olive, MI
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How much do you spend on shower gifts and wedding gifts?
Co-worker or friend's son or daughter, niece/nephew?
We have lots of weddings coming up and don't know what is appropriate to spend.

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answers from Detroit on

For niece/nephew, it's about $50-75. Co-workers and friends- it usually depends how close we are to them but usually $25-40.

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answers from Detroit on

For showers I try and go in with a group to get something bigger but usually about $25-30 for a not so close person (or if they are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and I can use coupons, I got for a value of about that). For close friends $40-50

For weddings, if we are attending, minimun of $100. I know the cost they put into the meal and whether we drink or eat a ton it is the same cost so I go with that. For a close friend $150-200 depending on how close. If it is a not so close person, we tend to decline wedding invites and I send $50.



answers from Houston on

I'm not good at wedding gifts, esp if I'm not close to the bride/groom. I always just get them a place setting. Most couples register and when they do, they usually register for a formal and informal setting, so there is always a price range I can pick from.


answers from Dallas on

If I don't know the person (such as a coworker's daughter) I stay around 10-15 dollars. If you need to go cheap but look like you spent a little more, you could find a baking dish on their registry and put in the ingredients for a recipe you like. Once I bought a mixing bowl on someone's registry and added a box of brownie mix and a whisk. It looked cute but I didn't spend much on the gift. Another time I bought a bread pan and included a banana bread recipe along with a sample of the bread in a decorative wrapping. I bought my SIL a cookbook along with some of the ingredients to make one of the recipes-- I didn't include staples such as sugar, salt, and flour since they're bulky and most people have that stuff on hand. That was a pretty big hit.



answers from Detroit on

I don't think there is a rule about that. I have found it is good to give from the heart, check where they might be registered and pick something you can afford. I also feel like if you ust give a gift card or money, you might feel you have to spend more than you might have on a gift they really want from the registry.



answers from St. Cloud on

Really depends on where you live.....

Here, shower gifts run from $25 to $50. Close relative or friend, maybe $75 tops.

Weddings, we give a minimum of $25. (We don't drink.) If our kids are invited (6 year old and almost 4 year old and infant) we give $45. Close relatives or friends get a minimum of $50. I'd say closer to $75 for wedding.....(that's 2 guests gift amount.....)



answers from Detroit on

Baptisms , Communions, Bridal showers, And Baby showers $50.00 wedding it self $100.00 if you can afford more fine if not than thats the low rate. with the way the economy is now you have to consider they pay almost that amount for you to eat at these things. a plate at somewhere decent runs anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars. Graduations are $100.00 too.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Generally $40-50 for the shower gift and $100 for the wedding.



answers from Chicago on

if it is a co worker or friend that I am friends but not best friends with then in the $25 to $30 range. family always about $50 for the shower although our god daughter is getting married and we bought her 2 place settings of her china for the shower ($150) and for the wedding we are giving her $200. always at least $100 for the wedding.



answers from Minneapolis on

I spend $40 - 50 on a shower gift and depending on how well I know the person $150 - $250 on the wedding. The $250 has to be a VERY good friend/ close relative.

I buy a gift for the shower and usually a check for the wedding. That being said, the weddings we attend are usually very big affairs and run 25-70K a pop.. so I feel a bigger gift is appropriate. I may go lower for a more casual affair.

When I was younger (late 20's - early 30's) I would do 40- 50 for a shower and $100 for a wedding and sometimes $75 if I was invited w/out a guest. I hope that helps!

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