Daughter or Son In-law

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Daughter in Law

S.T. asks from Boston

when we arrived at my grandsons birthday party, my husband stated that he thought having fun and games in a very hot driveway was "stupid". My daughterinlaw, who was ...


Daughter in Law

D.W. asks from Sacramento

I need advice regarding my sons wife. 8 years ago we had a falling out, and in the heat of the argument I told her things that bothered me in the past all at once.i ...


Daughter in Law Gift

M.A. asks from Detroit

Do you receive/give combined gifts? Since my son got married I combine both his and my DIL Christmas gifts. Last year I gave them $100 in one card and then a new cof...


Communication with Daughter in Law and Son

A.C. asks from Tallahassee

My son and his wife and 2 grandkids come to visit every so often. When here it seems my daughter in law does not care that I keep an orderly house and disregards wha...


My Ex Daughter in Law

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My ex daughter in law is getting married in a few months. She was the best think that ever happened to my son. He left her to go to another state and another women....


Daughter in Law Pg with Twins

A.F. asks from Austin

Adorable daughter in law is preg with twins. These will be "our" first children/ grandchildren. DIL is tiny and is already showing at 15 weeks. I am looking for su...


How to Talk to My Daughter and Son in Law

K.W. asks from St. Joseph

I have 3 grandchildren and both their parents smoke my youngest grandchild months has been having lots of trouble breathing around them. Now the parents have been on ...


My Daughter in Law Looking for Fertility Specialist

C.N. asks from Dallas

Hello Everyone, I am lucky enough to have both a 5 year old and a 24 year old stepson and I love them both so very much. I also am very close to his wife. She has as...


Problem Daughter-in-law

B.B. asks from Detroit

dil is a big problem, very self-centered and most likely other problems OCD, phobias, controlling, etc. they have 3 children, 2 of them twins. They do not take the t...


Seeking Advice for Daughter-in-law.....

L.W. asks from Atlanta

My daughter-in-law (married my son five months ago) insists that an ex-boyfriend kidnapped her little boy (3 at the time) and she has no clue as to her son's whereabo...