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Should My 5 1/2 Year Old Grand-daughter Repeat SK Because of Her Speech Help!!

L.M. asks from Tampa

My daughter called yesterday, and advised me that between my grand daughter's teacher and speech pathologist, they have decided that she should repeat SK. She is very...


Scale 1 to 10, How Wrong Is It to Marry Your STEP Grand-daughter

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

I dont care if they are NOT blood, you take in a child to care for and love, you dont go marrying her when she is 27.... and start sleeping with her at 17. Thats just...


My Grand Daughter

N.R. asks from Fort Myers

I pick up every friday my grand daughter from school so she can spend weekends with me the problems beging when is time for her to back home, she cries and say she do...


Grand Daughter Visit

B.F. asks from Washington DC

My 4 year old grand daughter will be visiting me over the Thanksgiving break. I know the area well (have lived here 34 years), but I need some suggestions of creativ...


Regarding New Grand Daughter

D.A. asks from Detroit

My son and his girlfriend split up before the baby was born. Kinda strange how it happened it usually is the guy who is missing from the situation. But not the case h...


Grand Daughter with Head Aches

D.G. asks from Dallas

My 10 year old Grand Daughter has suddenly developed daily head aches. They last any where from two hours to most of the day. My Daughter and I took her to the doctor...


My Grand Daughter Feelings

S.G. asks from Lakeland

My 4 yr old grand daughter comes over to our house on Sundays. There is a 7 yr old neighbor girl that comes over to play with her I will call her Bella. Here's the p...


Our Granddaughter

L.W. asks from Los Angeles

is 18 months old. I take care of her every Monday and when my husband comes home she cries if he even speaks to us. He doesn't get to see her very often so this is v...


My Granddaughter

V.S. asks from Washington DC

Please Help! I have received a letter from the state of marylandfrederick county ss. It is called a Family Involvement for my 22 month old grandchild. i am a nervous ...



R.D. asks from San Francisco

My adorable granddaughter does not want me to hold her during church on sundays. That is the only time I see her. every sunday since she was two months old I held...