Should I Go Back to My OBGYN? - Springfield,MO

Updated on November 25, 2015
E.J. asks from Mountain Grove, MO
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I haven't been to the OBGYN since my 6 week postpartum checkup. They told me to make an appointment for a year from then, but life happened and i forgot. It's been almost two years now. I am wanting to get back on birth control, but I'm not sure if i should go back to the OBGYN or if I should go somewhere else? I don't really have a doctor for myself. Any suggestions??

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So What Happened?

A little more info: I'm 20, and before having my son is never seen a GYN. I liked the obgyn I saw throughout my pregnancy. I do not have a pcp at the moment. I haven't really needed it, and didn't know I had insurance until recently. And with my sons pediatrician, cardiologist, two eye specialists, nutritionist and his pediatric GI visits, life has been hectic. Especially as a single mom. My self isn't my main concern most of the time. But I know it's important to take care of myself, which is why I'm getting back on track. Thank you all!

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answers from Portland on

My family physician is the one who referred me to my OBGYN. Personally, I'd go to a family physician and if they felt you needed to see an OBGYN they would let you know. I didn't need to when I was just going back on birth control - my doctor handled that.

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answers from Detroit on

if you like the obgyn go back to the same one... if you do not like them.. find a new one.. I think gyn drs are better than primary dr for gyn issues...


if you like the obgyn go back to the same one... if you do not like them.. find a new one.. I think gyn drs are better than primary dr for gyn issues...

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answers from Boston on

You forgot to make an appointment because you were busy doing other things. It happens. The practice has so many patients that they won't notice until the doctor looks at your chart. Believe me you aren't the only person they'll be seeing who is overdue for an appointment. So stick with the same practice because they have your records and make that appointment. Your health is important.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yes! By all means, go back. Trust me, your OBGYN will not think twice about the 2-year gap. And the GYN is the right doctor to go to for birth control.

I would also like to suggest that while you are there, you might want to ask your OBGYN if she can recommend a primary care doctor for you. Not for the birth control, but it sounds like you don't have a doctor at all, and it's good to have a primary care doctor in case you get sick.

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answers from San Francisco on

Go wherever you feel most comfortable but you should pick one and stick to that particular doctor so they get to know you and your history.

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answers from Washington DC on

since you have an OB/GYN, yeah, you should go back. the health of your plumbing is a big deal, and it's been a while.
i mean, why WOULDN'T you go back to the doctor who took care of you? if there was something about him or her you didn't like i can see it, but the way you word it is so vague. planned parenthood is brilliant for this sort of thing, so by all means, go there (at least until the nutbags in our society get it shut down, that is) if you need to.
but i don't get why you don't just go to the doctor who has some degree of familiarity with you.

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answers from Boston on

I'm reading your question and your So What Happened. Since you don't have a PCP, I'd say to get one - an internist or someone in a family or women's practice. Assuming you are in generally good health, one practitioner can handle your basic needs for general health as well as birth control, Pap smears, etc. You would need an OB/GYN if you had a special gyn problem or of course if you had another child, but there is no reason to get one at the moment if you are pressed for time and finances. The OB/GYN can't/won't do everything your PCP can do. This has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't been back there in 2 years - of course they would welcome you back. But you need someone else for basic needs.

I know you have put your child first, and while that's admirable in many ways, think of the flight attendant speech - "Put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then assist your child." Helping yourself is essential for proper care of your child. And do get a babysitter when you go to your appointment so your doctor has your undivided attention. You can ask friends, you can ask your OB/GYN for a referral, or contact your insurance company to get a referral to someone in their network. Your preventive annual physical should be free - it is on most plans, to encourage people to get checked out before there is a problem. Do take advantage of it. Even if there is a charge, go anyway - it's always cheaper to take care of yourself when things seem good. And you are a young, overworked, single mom - if you don't look out for yourself, who will? Promise yourself that you will make this call next week no matter how hectic your life seems.

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answers from Norfolk on

Why not go back?
The only reason not to would be if you were unhappy with them for some reason.

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answers from Appleton on

Yes, go back to your doctor. This doctor has your records and history. When you make the appointment let them know you want to ask about birth control.

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answers from Miami on

It's important to have a primary caregiver. However, you need a pap smear NOW. I would get an appointment with your OBGYN and ask for an annual checkup so that they can schedule you with plenty of time allotted. You need to make sure you won't be on your period that the appointment. Try to make it for first thing in the morning. I don't know how old you are, but if they normally do cholesterol checks, don't eat after midnight the night before so that you are "fasting" and can get the bloodwork done. Make sure you drink water, though. Your veins are easier to stick if you are hydrated, and you should start that the previous day...

You should tell your OBGYN at the start of the appointment that you haven't been to a doctor since your 6 week checkup and that you don't have a primary caregiver. It will help him or her make a decision on what all they want to check you for.

And it is better to work with the OBGYN on birth control. In case you have too many side affects, you need to tweak it with this kind of doctor, not someone else.

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answers from Seattle on

I agree with the others that an appointment with your original OBGYN is perfect for what you need now. But, you'll want to find a good family practitioner or primary care doctor for regular appointments. I found my new doctor through my new insurance website. They list the doctors in your area and then you can read their bios and look up reviews on them. I chose one who seemed like a good fit and then set up an appointment for an annual. Loved her! In my case, I even went to her for my pap and all, since I don't have an OBGYN doctor who I normally see. The good news is that once you get cleared with a healthy pap, and have a healthy history, they have new information that says you only need one every 5 years. Isn't that nice?!

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answers from Boston on

I've gone back and forth between my PCP and OBGYN and frankly, don't see much of either of them. An annual exam will be covered by insurance as preventative medicine for either provider. Because you already have a relationship with your OB, go back to her (or him) for an exam and birth control conversation, and ask if they recommend anyone as a primary care physician. If you like your OBGYN and plan on using him or her for your reproductive healthcare for years to come, it can be easier to use a PCP in an affiliated physician's group so that they have easy access to your total records if needed. Be honest about your current lack of PCP because that's a pretty common situation for women of childbearing age and some OBGYNs are comfortable acting as a PCP and will order routine blood work for you, etc. and save you from making another trip to the doc for simple screenings that they can take care of while you're there anyway. It's still a good idea to have a PCP though in case you become ill or injured and need non-reproductive care.

That said, if your OBGYN is far away or you don't particularly like him or her, once you get a PCP she or he can handle your pap smears and non-surgical birth control (i.e. they can prescribe the pill but obviously wouldn't place an IUD). I haven't seen my OBGYN in 6 years and my PCP does my pap when needed (every 3 years I think) and I don't see her every year either. You're in good company - lots of people don't get annual exams every year and it's no big deal to the doctors...just pick up the phone and make an appointment!

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia!!

You NEED to take care of yourself. Getting your yearly exam is one of the ways you take care of yourself.

You don't have to go to a GYN for birth control or the exam - but you need to find a PCP (Primary Care Physician) to attend to your needs and health.

Call your insurance company and ask for doctors in your network. Then set up interviews and go see what doctor works for you.

Please tell me you have a pediatrician for your son, right?

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answers from Washington DC on

Your OBGYN would be a good source for birth control. My DD is 7 now and I still get my Rx through that office. She doesn't handle routine colds and care, though.

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answers from Reading on

I'm confused. Why wouldn't you go back to your OB/GYN? Who used to do your regular annual visits? Was it a different doctor than the one who delivered your child? My regular GYN was also my OB (that's why they give them all those letters), so I had gone to her for years for my PAP smears and mammograms, and then she delivered my babies. I'm really confused by this question. So you haven't been back. Pick up the phone and make your appointment.

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answers from Washington DC on

Your ob/gyn IS your "doctor for yourself" -- they are considered primary physicians for women. While you do also need a "general practitioner" for yourself and the other adults in your family, you should also always see you ob/gyn as well. No other kind of doctor is going to know as much about the many available birth control options! And frankly, though most internal medicine practices will say oh yes, we do full gyn exams -- well, I'm sure they do an OK job, but they are not doing pap smears, examining breasts and doing vaginal exams every day, and your gyn does just that. Experience does matter. I want to be examined by someone who does that type of exam consistently, and every day.

Don't worry about the gap. Get back on track for annual gyn exams by your ob/gyn. If you're done (for now) having kids, you still need to maintain your gynecological health so you can stay around a long time to be with your kids.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Would you go to a cardiologist when the kids have a runny nose? No, you'd go to a doc for kids that treats general illnesses. Would you go to an OB/GYN to seek advice for ADHD? No, you'd go to a Psychiatrist that is an expert in the brain and how it functions and what meds are new and work the best.

So why go to ANY other doc except an OB/GYN for issues that pertain to your reproductive organs?

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