Pap Smear - Oggyn or Primary Care Doc?

Updated on August 17, 2010
K.S. asks from Los Altos, CA
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Hi Ladies,
I moved to the US about 2 years ago, and I am due for a pap smear. Do the primary care doc's do that, or do I have to go to an OBGYN? Back home I just had my regular dr take care of it.

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answers from Boston on

my primary does it but I go to my ob because they come back abnormal I end up getting referred to my ob anyways.

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answers from Gainesville on

Depends on your doc. Some general practicioners do it but I prefer to have a gyn take care of my lady parts as they are better trained to spot any areas that may be of concern (goodness forbid!).

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answers from Sacramento on

Both can do the checkup. I was seeing my primary care doc for my annuals, but I started experiencing pain and other strange symptoms. That's when I went to an OBGYN. Sometimes an OB can catch something that a primary won't. Ovarian cancer and other early stage diseases have very general symptoms and can sometimes be misdiagnosed. I think that it is good to have both doc's available. Sometimes as a new patient it might take a long time to get into an OBGYN. I would see your primary and also make an appointment for the future with an OBGYN.. Incase anything ever goes wrong you already are an established patient at the OB and it is important for your primary to have knowledge of your medical history. I hope that helped??


answers from Dallas on

Both can probably do it but I would suggest a Obgyn because that is what they do and do this testing alot unlike your regular doctor.



answers from Dallas on

I go to my primary, but I am very confident and comfortable with her.


answers from Detroit on

ob/gyn does that for adults. good luck. oh and you need to get a pap smear every year.



answers from Denver on

A lot of primary care will do it but I recommend going to an OB. They are much more experienced than a regular doc.



answers from Little Rock on

Obgyn, they do it multiple times a day and are more familiar with what they are looking for since that is their specialty.



answers from Kansas City on

call your primary care Dr, mine does OB and regular, which makes it easier.



answers from Las Vegas on

I've always gone to an OB/Gyn. I just feel more comfortable going to a doctor who specializes in all things gynecological.



answers from Los Angeles on

I usually goto the primary care dr. because I get my yearly physical as well unless pregnant or have to go to the clinic even at the clinic it is an OBGYN DR.I would have to say it is a choice and depending on insurance.I trust both my drs to do an exceptional job.



answers from Modesto on

Either doc can do it. I often go to my primary since he's easier to get into, but prefer my OB if I have birth control, hormone, pregnancy type questions or issues. If your primary doc does it and it comes back abnormal they will probably send you to the OB for follow up.



answers from Hickory on

Where I live my family doctor will see to everything but pregnancy. But I have found that the ob office is faster.



answers from Indianapolis on

It depends on the doctor. Some may choose not to have GYN services as part of their practice because of the liability. A lot of Family Practitioners who used to have OB as part of their practices have dropped it because the liability insurance was too high. My FP, however, does still do GYN services. I choose, though, to see my GYN because of my recent experiences with lymphoma.

Regardless, they're both trained. I, personally, prefer to seek specialists for issues such as women's health. But, there are many, many Family Practitioners/Internists who are excellent.

I have a friend who is an Internist and does not include GYN in his practice. So, you're best to ask and make your decision from there.

Most insurances cover the services for an annual exam at no cost to you regardless if you opt for Primary Care vs. OB/GYN.

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