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Updated on October 18, 2007
J.M. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My husband and I are looking to adopt 2 female yorkies. Does anyone have any reference information for me. I have googled all over the internet about pet adoption but there are not any locally. Please help. Want to get my puppy soon. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

My husband and I drove all the way to Missouri to pick up our little Rocky. He was the sweetest thing ever. We found a breeder and she gave us a discount since we drove all that way. My daughter was in heaven with it but wasn't ready at the time to have a puppy around. Esp. a small thing like him. We kept him for several months and had to adopt him out seeing as our daughter was too rough with him. Thanks for all the help!

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answers from Dallas on

The shelters are full of small breed dogs (some yorkies) from Upshur county (247 dogs found in one house). Please help save some of them instead of buying. They have been cleaned up and most are in really good health. They are listed on you search local shelters, they are listed under the name "Upshur county."

Here is a link to a search on for Yorkies in the area...

good luck!



answers from Dallas on!!! We got our Shorkie there. Wonderful dog. They are located a little past Denton.
Good luck!!!



answers from Dallas on

I have 2 males and they are precious. We bought from 2 different breeders and our fav. breeder is in Dodd City (maybe an hour from Dallas). Look at and good luck.



answers from Dallas on

There are so many dogs in shelters that are needlessly euthanized because they are not adopted. Many are purebred. Check your local shelter and save a life! If you can't find a Yorkie, you might try to see if there is a Yorkie Rescue in town.

Good Luck!

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