Yorkie Breeders in Washington State

Updated on August 29, 2012
J.B. asks from Garfield, WA
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I am looking for a yorkie breeder in washington state. I prefer then to be in Seattle or farther east as i am on the eastern boarder of washington. I need a suggestion for an instate breeder that i can drive to in order to make the cash exchange for the puppy. I am unwilling to have the pup shipped for two reasons 1- i dont want to spend the money and be scammed. and 2- i dont want the poor pup stressed. Please give me all the breeders you know of. I am willing to drive to some places in Idaho (cour de lane, moscow, post falls, and places around there)
Yes i have looked in to all the shelters for yorkies and they have none ( i searched eastern washington, idaho and montana).

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So What Happened?

thank you for your responses. we found a pup to buy from a local breeder. we went and saw the puppy saturday morning. so this week we will have her after paying for her. we are very excited to have the new dog in our family.

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answers from San Francisco on

Your best bet is to go to a dog show (google dog shows in Washington state) and talk to the breeders, owners and handlers there.
But I must warn you they will likely not place a Yorkie in a home with children under 8 or so. They are fragile, high strung little dogs and often come with health problems, like many other small specialty breeds.
You may want to talk to the breeders directly about other options if your kids are younger, they can be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction!

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answers from Seattle on

Yeah, we just got a pup (not a yorkie though) and if you want an actual PUPPY (as in less than 6 months old) - they are not easy to find in shelters. And most rescues in our area (Seattle) will not adopt dogs to families with small children (under 8 years). So a breeder is pretty much the only option.

We ended up buying from a breeder after checking shelters. We found ours via an ad on ebay classifieds, but the newspaper (online) also has plenty of breeders advertising. I saw LOTS of yorkies when I was looking.
Just be smart and use common sense: ask to meet the pup before you pay, look where they are raised, is the area clean (bedding/poop picked up etc.), have they seen a vet, been wormed and vaccinated, do the look healthy...etc, etc.

It took us about 4 months to find our perfect pup...
Good luck!

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In my opinion, there are no reputable breeders. And yorkies? Oh my. Not a great dog with kids, and a dog that can have lots of health problems. Keep looking at rescue groups. You can find a nicer, much healthier dog there -- even a yorkie mix would be better than a purebred.



answers from Augusta on

AKC has a breeder listing, http://www.akc.org/classified/search/index.cfm

but check petfinder.com
I found both of my dogs and my cat on petfinder , rescue dogs make the BEST dogs. And if you get a yorkie mix they actually live longer and have less health problems.

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