Seeking Reputable Financial Adviser in Chino Hills Area

Updated on June 11, 2008
J.L. asks from Chino Hills, CA
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Hello moms! I am a stay-at-home mom-slash-dissertation writing graduate student. My husband is the sole breadwinner in the house at the moment, and we are just barely breaking even. I think we could do much better, with a little sage advice. We are expecting our second baby in January, so my motivation to achieve greater frugality is quite strong. My family needs a good financial consultant for savings and investment counsel. I am not looking to consolidate my bills or get "aid" of any kind, since we have no debt besides student loans. Any advice? Please no marketers for life insurance. We already have life insurance, thank you.

Thanks much, ladies.

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I have been watching Suze Orman Ch 355 on direct T.V. and she also has a web site and I have learned so much I just wish she had come into my life earlier. In the last 2 months I started a 6 month saving fund ($1800 so far). Have a weekly budget which we stick to. Went thru all my bills and very suprised to find out I was paying double for long distance and still charged after I canceled. Went from $117 cable bill to $52 could have been $29 but Suze was not on that package and we are not missing any shows we were just paying for extras we were not watching. Changed my deductables on autos from $250 to $500 and yearly savings are $350 so even if we have a claim yearly which we have had zero. We are still saving. Anytime we refinace we cut years or stay the same we don't add years homewill be paid of by age 55 or sooner. We garden which saves us money and great quality time for the family and we dont have a huge yard.Semi-drawf trees and small patch of dirt or pots for fruits and vegetables. We got myself life insurance because only my husband was covered but I bring home more income being self employed. That is a great piece of mind. We lived paycheck to paycheck what came in went out we were short every month catching up the next because my income varies month to month plus husband overtime right now in the 2 months I have an extra $2400 in my checking account plus my x-mas saving account went from $200 a month to $300 a month which I have done for the last 3 years started with $100 month so come x-mas we have no debt. My husband my not be to happy being on a budget but he will love the piece of mind that we will be O.K. and never short again and ready for anything. We have always saved in his 401K and thought that was enough and that we couldn't afford anymore savings but with a little bit of work and determination I have been my best finacial advisor and it is rubbing off on my kids my youngest 11, which sees Suze with me, goal is to have $1000 in her savings by the end of the year ($518 so far) We still spend and enjoy life but are just more wiser. So see and read as much as you can and best of luck to you and your family

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Hi J.,

I worked in this field for years. The lady I worked for just moved. But my suggestion before you seek out an adviser who can charge lots of check out Mary Hunts 'Debt Free Living' formally known as Cheapskate Monthly.
Her books, monthly newsletters, online info/advice have brought the worst cases of debtors and people just plain short of cash - from the brink of disaster. If you aren't there....and just want to fine 'tune' your living ways and make things cheaper....this is the place.
My friends use to tease me cuz I was so anal. But you really learn alot! It has never mattered whether we had money or not...for me it became about not being wasteful, not wanting to spend too much on the consumables (coupons coupons!) so it leaves tons for the good stuff.

Check out her website...I believe it's

or google Mary Hunt. From there they also teach some basic 101 info on finances, savings, etc. And also how to find the best financial adviser should you still need one.

I've been miles ahead of most all of my friends (except for the one who turned me onto this site) in the area of money. They are all just now 'learning'. And they are all pushing 50 and worried about retirement around the corner!

My husband and I are fine ....and yet I continue to learn from DFL. I love the articles, suggestions, and latest financial info of what's happening out there. For me it's just about fine tuning and where else I can save save save....and still have more. ;o)

Good luck

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Hi J.,
The guy I know is in Yorba Linda. His name is Lee Norton, he works for Edward Jones, his number is ###-###-####, and his e-mail address is [email protected] Congrats on the baby-to-be!



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Hi J.!! My name is C. Gibbons and I work with Primerica Financial Services. We help families by sitting down with them and creating a Financial Analysis to help them see where they are now and how to get where they want to be financially. The greatest thing about this is that it is FREE! If you are interested in speaking with me my # is ###-###-####. I live close to the area and would love to help you and your family!! It is a fantastic tool! Hope to hear from you!



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If you're looking for insurance and/or planning for retirement, I recommend this company. With a second one on the way, you'll want to make sure you're prepared in case anything happens. If anything, if you already have life insurance, Brian can work with you to perhaps find a better rate. I'm expecting my 1st soon and he helped me go over my insurance plans to adjust to a budget that is more affordable for me and my family.

Allado Insurance Services
are the foundation of our business

Brian Allado
License 0E79493
Insurance Agent / Retirement
Long Term Care:Fixed Annuities
Group Coverage:Health Dental Vision
###-###-#### cell
###-###-#### fax



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Hi J. I have a personal friend by the name of Tim Heacocks he has a finacial aid service in Chino Hills Look him up in the phone book. He has a wonderful family and is really a concerned caring person. If I ever get my paperwork together I will have him do mine I just have not followed threw. Tim is involved in the community you will really like and trust him. Tell him M. sent you


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