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Updated on July 28, 2010
M.B. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi everyone , I'm seeking a real at home job . Does anyone know of any ????? Please help! Do to some family reasons , at home work is the best option for my family and I so any help please thank you! Real Jobs please .

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answers from Dallas on

I have my own business in an MLM and it is both "real" and legitimate." Here is the link to a video explaining a little bit about what I do:

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answers from Dallas on

Check out the forums at workplacelikehome and for some at home job leads.

If you are interested in phone work check out westathome, liveops, and Arise.

If you are good at writing check out Textbroker, DemandStudios, and Wordgigs.

For some ways to bring in some extra money check out the posts at

Also, if you have the patience for it, you could try in-home childcare.

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answers from Sarasota on

Congrats on stepping outside the box. I am a retired Ultrasound Technologist that was forced into early retirement due to a injury from a car accident. I have done my research before finding a home business that I love. My first suggestion is to stay away from MLM's. While some people are successful in these companies they are set up for only few to make money. The rest wind up with a lot of boxes in the living room and they find themselves in the NFL(No Friends Left) club. Traditional MLM compensation is designed for failure. You are in competition with everyone and you have to meet levels each month to receive compensation. The problem with MLM's is that if you do not reach these levels in time you will experience the FLUSH which simply means that your accrued sales go away and you can not earn money on them anymore. This is why you see boxes and boxes of product in the living rooms of Amway & Herbalife distributors. They had to purchase these products to reach a sales goal so that they could cut a check. I work alongside an 18 year-old multi-billion dollar internet product brokerage company that specializes in one-to-one marketing. This business is designed for the average person with 10-15 hours to devote to a proven business plan. I am what is called an Unfranchise Owner which simply means that I reap the benefits of owning a Franchise, i.e: standardized training, materials, and a PROVEN plan to become successful. I didn't however invest the the traditional $150,000 that a Franchise costs and I do not pay royalties, I receive them. The average Unfranchise Owner after 2-3 years earns $142,000 of residual income. I get paid every Monday regardless of whether I worked that week or not. Of course this is not a get rich scheme. This will require a lot of time and effort to grow your business. The great thing is that you always have someone to help you. There are groups of people meeting in Fort Worth TX every week talking about building their businesses and helping each other out. I encourage you email me @ so that I can send you some links to explore this opportunity. This may not be a fit for you, but I believe you must keep your mind and heart open and educate yourself before jumping into anything. I hope to hear from you but if I don't good luck and congratulate yourself for having an entrepreneurial spirt, after-all the top 5% of wealthiest people in the world are entrepreneurs.

Best Regards,

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'm in internet marketing. It has it's pro's and con's just like any other question is this, do you have secretarial skills? If so, become an online secretary.........look it type for them, do this and that and then send it to them..............also, if you can go to school for a bit, I know that medical coders and billing are in desperate need, and most of those are from home. I think you can get certified.......

If you are interested in Internet marketing, let me know and I will give you some links to look links to get started........

Good Luck and take care.

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answers from Dallas on

If you are looking to be paid to work from home, most companies expect your full attention to doing just that. You must be disciplined and managing children while working at home does not fit a lot of people.

We run our company from home but it would be next to impossible to do if I had little ones around here. It involves great detail and an error could cost us thousands of dollars.....which could simply be not specifying the EXACT formula for a product, sending a truck to pick material up too early/late, etc.

I'm sure you will be hit, as you already have been, by MLM groups. Some are legit. Most require investment, recruiting, selling and having people stay away from you because they don't want to be signed up and don't want to buy whatever it is your are selling. In my experience, most people run from MLM'rs.

Some MLM members love what they do and God Bless them.

If you are skilled with bookkeeping, data entry, telephone you might be able to find something legit.

Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Right after my daughters (twins) were born I wanted to spend time with them and I did some telemarketing from home. I didn't have to sell anything. I called and set appointments with seniors for health insurance. I got paid for every appointment I set and also if they closed the sale. I also worked for another company "giving away" a free meal. It involved some sort of sales pitch when they got there, but they got their free meal.

I didn't make much money doing it, and it was by no means enough to live on. It was nice to be able to earn something though without the expense of daycare. Of course I could only devote nap time to really making the calls though.

I honestly cannot remember the names of either of these companies or how I found the positions, but at least you know they are out there.

Best of Luck!



answers from New York on

I don't really know of "real" at home jobs other than doing daycare. Most women who work from home are doing the job that they did at the office, and now "telecommute" part or most of the time. They aren't typically hired to work at home. What is your career? Are there opportunities in this job field for at-home positions? Real work-from-home jobs come from your own job field, so what is it that you do for a living and are there employers looking to hire, who encourage telecommuting in that field? Other moms who work from home have their own businesses or they freelance (writing, editing, etc). If you are taking care of your own young kids, working from home - esp fulltime - does not mean not using childcare. You cannot care for and pay attention to your kids, and give your full attention to a paid job at the same time.
Good luck



answers from Florence on

I'm with a company called Homemade Gourmet and there is no scheme about it. I am able to stay at home with my 2 year old son, make money and put FAST and EASY to prepare meals on the dinner table! Actually rigtht at this very moment I have Burgundy Beef Tips cooking in my crockpot that took me less than 5 minutes to put together! Going to whip up some veggies and some bread and dinner is served!

I'd love to invite you to check out my website, check out the products for yourself and see if it's something you might be interested in. I have only been with the company 2 years and I just promoted to Director. This is a company that people will be calling YOU to reorder more items--it's a consumable product and everybody eats so they need you!

I'm not the type that will bug you--just wanted to share with you another option. If you want to learn more simply send me a message and I'd love to answer any questions you may have.

Best of luck to you!

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