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Updated on August 03, 2010
D.W. asks from Warwick, RI
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I recently resigned from my job to stay home with my son, and am looking for a way to supplement my income at home, like by doing typing, etc. I have seen ads for lots of companies, but am wondering if any of you have experience with any of them. Some of them require a fee to start, which makes me a little hesitant. I am planning on starting my own scrapbooking business down the road, but until then am looking into anything that I can do a couple hours a night from home. I am NOT into selling anything! Thanks for any suggestions!

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answers from Dallas on

Most of the things you are seeing are scams. ANYTHING that asks for $$ is not legit. You'll gets tons of MLM info on this request recruiting you to sign up for for the best thing ever and most money, blah

If you are into MLM, recruiting, selling, $$ investment go for it.....some people swear by it. I run from from the people I know are MLM'rs because at some point, the once friends are no longer friends.

Check out temp jobs, telecommuting, working with a mom's day out situation so your son can be with you.

Working at home is hard and it is a job. You have to be able to devote the time to the work.

Best wishes!

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answers from Dover on

Although I work full time, I have recently partnered with Work At Home United. It is great. They help you build your own business on your time...but you don't have to do it alone. There is no investment, no stocking, no selling, no distribution and NO risk. I would love to tell you more. Send me a message or go to

Look forward to hearing from you and good luck!

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answers from Sarasota on

Hi D.,
Many people are looking for a "plan B" with the way our economy has suffered. More and more women are staying home to raise their children, and I am one on them. I am an Unfranchise owner and I work primarily from my home. I'll explain: Over the last couple of years, there have been times where there have been more goods and services sold over the internet than in all the brick and mortar stores and catalogs combined. This 18 year old company has figured out a systemized way to capture a good percentage of that volume. In this systemized process people are making a boatload of money. Business is good. It's going so well that we just partnered with Microsoft. One-to-one marketing and mass customization is the new paradigm of these times. Market America is one of the top internet retailers and their ranking climbs leaps and bounds every year. We are like Amazon but with people power and many more products and services.
I am a customer manager which allows me to bring over 35,000,000 products and services to the end consumer. I do not sell, I find out what people need and I bring it to them. Market America is a product brokerage and internet marketing company. What this means is that they don't make anything. Instead they identify the billion dollar markets like health and nutrition and anti-aging, they seek out the best products in these trends and the have these products manufactured for them at a fraction of the cost. Therefore as a customer manager I am able to bring quality products to my customers that they would normally have to pay at least double for on the open market.
Since the inception of this company we have never had a down quarter, we operate at a profit which means the company has no debt. The same management team is still in place 18 years later. What makes this company very unique is the compensation plan. We are not a Multi-Level-Marketing company we are compensated using the binary system. It's rather simple but somewhat complex to wrap your head around. What is important though is that Market America has generated almost $3 billion in accumulated retail sales, and individuals have earned over $1.8 billion in commissions and retail profits. This is what made me take a real close look at this business. Any company paying out over half of their profits to their business owners is worth investigating. I truly believe that we are creating the economy of the future!
This standardized business system is designed for the busy person. Committing 10 to 15 hours weekly of result producing activity will grow a business capable of earning $142,000 of residual income in 2 to 3 years time. This is the average however many have achieved these earnings in a shorter period of time.
If you could use extra income coming in and you have 10-15 hours to devote each week at building your business than we should talk at length. There are meetings in your area that you can tap into that will help you decide if this opportunity is a fit for you.
You may reach me toll-free at (866) 418-7255. Or you can email me at Luck in whatever you choose,


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answers from Kansas City on

speaking from someone who has tried a LOT of work at home stuff, there is a lot that you have to consider. First of all, a work at home job does not pay the same as a work outside of the home job. They are virtually all commission based, even if you are not selling something, it is based upon what you have done., not hourly. there is just no way for a company to REALLY monitor what hours you are working. There are a few exceptions to the rule, like running an in-home daycare or doing medical transcribing, however, you need to go through licensing or have a degree to do those.

Also, basically anything is going to require a fee of some sort. Sometimes it is to help get all your materials to get started, sometimes it is a membership, sometimes it is for a website. But it is basically the norm and nothing to be afraid of unless it is something crazy, like hundreds of dollars, or an every month fee. Look at it the same way as having to buy special shoes or a uniform for a work outside the home job. there is always a fee somewhere! lol. you just want to make sure it is actually FOR something. start up costs are crazy if they arent FOR something. if it is refundable, even if its just for a short time, that is a plus too.

I work from home with a wellness company now and i love love love it! but i know that it is not for everyone. It is pretty simple, its not a get rich quick thing, but i bring in at least a couple hundred bucks each month and that really helps our family out. I just talk on the phone and work on my computer and i really enjoy it. I know its not for everyone though, because i know some people arent comfortable talking on the phone. (you can check it out at if you want) Whatever it is that you chose or decide to do, remember that it is really up to you! to be successful at a work at home job or career you need to have a lot of patience and self discipline to make it work! i hope you find what is perfect for you!

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