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Updated on July 28, 2010
C.H. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hello Ladies,
Has anyone ever really done a work from home program? I saw a coupon on here for CEOMOM. did not get good information from site. Curious!!!

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answers from Wichita Falls on

Why is it that no one from CEO Moms will just come out and say what they do??? How sketchy must it be? I do NOT understand why, if something is so great, that they are SO disinclined to share what it is...

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't know about those programs but you should research it on the internet more! Sometimes they are a scam so watch out! If they want you to send money...FORGET IT!

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answers from Seattle on


- Personal assistant... I booked flights, updated calendars, scheduled & cancelled meetings, fenced with contractors / other personal assistants / etc., filed press announcements, ordered flowers for bdays and clients, bought gifts for same, fwd'd calls, took messages, made doctor's appointments, compiled baby-memory schtuff, etc., so forth, and so on. Her girl, Friday. I saw my boss almost never, but was on the phone with her several hours a day in minute here, minute there kind of thing.

- Photographer's assistant. PURELY an online sort of thing, and not anything big... maybe 10 hours a week... updating pictures and layout of her website, keeping her calendar, and responding to email queries.

- Doctor's "Office". I was the person "Calling to confirm your appt". Took me about 4-6 hours a day to phone several hundred patients (multi office clinic)

- Author. ((Unless you've already been on the best seller list, this job does NOT pay enough to live off of, unless you do freelance articles/journalism... which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish than fiction, which is what I did, and will again when I have time to indulge myself. -I know writers who can write for pub and raise kids- I just don't happen to be one of them))

And another that *I* didn't do... but my godsister's stepmum did : transcriptionist. She was paid by the keystroke (but had a gazillion "shortcuts" so she rarely ever typed more than 2 keys per word... even words that are in latin "medicalese" that were longer than supercalifragalisticexpialidocioius. Because she kept her clients by short turnaround. She made over 100k a year in "good" years.

The thing is... I don't think I answered you Q though... because NONE of these things were selling jobs, or "programs". But real, advertised, applied, hired jobs that came with hours, duties, benefits, etc., with the exception of being a writer. That's really more of an affliction, however, than a job.

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answers from Abilene on

Good morning C. my husband and I have been doing a home based business for years.It is a real business. Go to and check it out and if you would like to know more about it. You can call and talk to my husband at ###-###-####. You are under no comitment to talk to him about it.Wish you good luck.Be blessed.
J. G


C. it's me again ,I read some of the letters .Yes you do have to be aware od the scams.We have healthy living products. Water & air.Good luck
J. G

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answers from Dallas on

Most of these work from home jobs are really sales. If you enjoy sales and are good at it, then get a real sales job and make lots of money. The majority of them ask you to sponge off your friends. I have finally stopped going to all of the in-home parties that sell stuff. I just say no, because it is never anything I need and can not buy cheaper elsewhere. I don't like to be pressured and I don't like to feel that my friends are taking advantage of me. I have had several women pressure me to host parties. I had to get ugly and say NO! It is really annoying and I have had to run from people that are involved in these businesses. Do yourself and your friends a favor and don't become involved with home sales.

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answers from Dallas on

I have noticed the other replies on here saying that this was Melaleuca, well yes it is. This is a legit company. You can make money, but it does take work to make it. It is well worth it to try the products from this company as they are awesome. Many people join because they want a greener way of living & you will get this with them. I have RA & I take the vitamins. THey help alot! I went camping this last weekend & didn't take the vitamins. When I got home & woke up Monday morning I was so tired, I was exzausted. I started taking the vitamins again & within a day I was feeling good again. My 3yr old had asthma & no longer needs it since switching to the laundry line & the cleaners. You may do good to just join for the products & find something else to go along with this. Build 2 business at one time. I have been told that scentsy is a good one, but it requires you to make sales as well as have parties, but you can make money. I LOVE the products from Melaleuca & will never stop shopping with them. The thing that I noticed is I really do have more when buying from Melaleuca. Yes you have to buy monthly, but don't you buy laundry soap every month now? Go to & it has a little bit more info on there about the company. I also have been working with ohter moms that work in other legit companies. If you want to explore other options I would be happy to get you a list of other companies that are legit.

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answers from Sarasota on

Hi C.,

Congrats on stepping outside the box. I am a retired Ultrasound Technologist that was forced into early retirement due to a injury from a car accident. I have done my research before finding a home business that I love. My first suggestion is to stay away from MLM's. While some people are successful in these companies they are set up for only few to make money. The rest wind up with a lot of boxes in the living room and they find themselves in the NFL(No Friends Left) club. Internet CEO Moms is a company that recruits people to buy and sell Melaleuca health and wellness products. I am sure these are beautiful products and apparently this woman is successful at what she does, but traditional MLM compensation are designed for failure. You are in competition with everyone and you have to meet levels each month to receive compensation. The problem with MLM's is that if you do not reach these levels in time you will experience the FLUSH which simply means that your accrued sales go away and you can not earn money on them anymore. This is why you see boxes and boxes of product in the living rooms of Amway & Herbalife distributors. They had to purchase these products to reach a sales goal so that they could cut a check. The Health & Wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry so this is a great place to place your efforts. I work alongside an 18 year-old multi-billion dollar internet product brokerage company that specializes in one-to-one marketing. This business is designed for the average person with 10-15 hours to devote to a proven business plan. I am what is called an Unfranchise Owner which simply means that I reap the benefits of owning a Franchise, i.e: standardized training, materials, and a PROVEN plan to become successful. I didn't however invest the the traditional $150,000 that a Franchise costs and I do not pay royalties, I receive them. The average Unfranchise Owner after 2-3 years earns $142,000 of residual income. I get paid every Monday regardless of whether I worked that week or not. Of course this is not a get rich scheme. This will require a lot of time and effort to grow your business. The great thing is that you always have someone to help you. There are groups of people meeting in Arlington TX every week talking about building their businesses and helping each other out. I encourage you email me @ so that I can send you some links to explore this opportunity. This may not be a fit for you, but I believe you must keep your mind and heart open and educate yourself before jumping into anything. I hope to hear from you but if I don't good luck and congratulate yourself for having an entrepreneurial spirt, after-all the top 5% of wealthiest people in the world are entrepreneurs.

Best Regards,

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answers from Dallas on

I am on a quest to stop moms everywhere from falling for "buy this business"!

I have done them all, tried with all my heart, spent tons of money (not only on the business, but on the marketing), and failed miserably at each of them!

The only thing that you can do from home that will bring a profit is something that you love to do. (If you LOVE selling vitamins or make-up - great! Buy one of those businesses.)

I have dedicated my entire website to helping people live a life of passion - and profit from it. Yes. It is that important to me; because imagine a world where we all love what we do to bring in an income... ahhh! :) Peace and happiness for all!

So, please, think twice before buying into a network marketing company. They say the potential is unlimited, and if you do exactly as they say, then you will become very wealthy. Nonsense! It's not true!

(I apoligize to all of you ladies out there who are involved in a company like this. If it is you, and you are loving your life and the income you are earning from said company - please ignore what I just said. Obviously, you are in the right spot, right now!)

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answers from Dallas on

Hey C.,

Yes I actually work from home. I have been doing it for almost two years now. I really do it partime because my little one is 23 months old. After all, the reason why I wanted to do this is to stay home with her.
I searched alot different companies but when I finally came across the workathomeunited team I knew this was it and have really loved teaming up, getting support and well I can go on and on.
Research your options and find something that fits you, your values, your lifestyle, your goals.... it's very rewarding!
Hope this helps (:
L. Delgado de Leonard (check it out if interested)

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answers from Dallas on

The best work form home jobs are the ones offered from a real company - one that has a building and employees. I am a personal assistant for a photography company - I produce flyers, do correspondence and process orders. There are other positions like this, you just have to keep your eyes open on all of the job boards.

Beware of scams though, just like you have to with the online companies. There is a 'personal or administrative assistant' position posted on craigslist that is posted with many different titles but it is an illegal scam - they want you to deliver 'packages' and deposit/transfer funds for someone that lives outside the country - it always starts with, "I have two children and am an investor with the Angel network".

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

If their website leaves you with too many questions, run away and don't look back!

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answers from Albany on

I was with Melaleuca twice and while I know people who have done well with them, I never did. I have only made money with two companies. The first was Arbonne ( LOVE the company; LOVE the products. I have made money with them, sometimes for not even doing very much, but it isn't the best fit for me right now because the best way to build the business is to be "out there", going to meetings, finding hostesses, etc. I don't have time for that right now expecting my 4th child so while I still made money even just with my website, I need to get to a point where I am making a certain amount and I am not sure that can happen with my circumstances the way they are at the moment. I am still very much a customer as the products are second to none in my opinion and I am sure I will go back to it when things calm down. I am just giving you my honest answer.

The other company is Take Shape for Life. I have seen more success faster with this company than anything and it doesn't require me stocking anything, or finding hostesses, or anything of the like. I just help people achieve optimal health! Again, I got involved with this company not because I was looking for a business but because my husband needed to lose weight and bring his blood pressure down. It was extremely high. In 7 weeks he is down 35 lbs and his blood pressure is normal! Even if not for the business promise I have seen, I'd love this company just for giving me back peace of mind and my husband!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. I've tried A LOT of businesses so if you are considering one, let me know. I can try to tell you the pros and cons if I have experience with it.


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answers from Dallas on

I did them for a while and made a total of 6 dollars. You have to become a customer of Melaleuca, which is a company that sellf earth friendly products. You have to buy so many points a month, which is supposed to be things you were already buying. You get paid by signing other customers up to Melaleuca, even if they don't do the business side.

I was not impressed with the products. The women in the support line are awesome though. It takes alot to convince someone to switch stores that they cannot go into and that they have to order the products online. I spent more money a month than I would've in 6 months on cleaning products (about 75/ month).

I truely don't reccomend going with this company. Good luck in your search.



answers from Providence on

I look at this question every time it comes up (quite often) but have yet seen one person anwser with a yes. I am curious of the same but there seems to be a unanimous anwser....Scam. Please post if you find one that works!



answers from Florence on

YES!! I am a stay at home Mom/Work at Home Mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I'm with a company called Homemade Gourmet and there is no scheme about it. I am able to stay at home with my 2 year old son, make money and put FAST and EASY to prepare meals on the dinner table! Actually rigtht at this very moment I have Burgundy Beef Tips cooking in my crockpot that took me less than 5 minutes to put together! Going to whip up some veggies and some bread and dinner is served!

I'd love to invite you to check out my website, check out the products for yourself and see if it's something you might be interested in. I have only been with the company 2 years and I just promoted to Director. I've also earned a trip to San Diego in September and am working towards earning a FREE 7 day cruise to ALASKA!! I can't wait!!! This is a company that people will be calling YOU to reorder more items--it's a consumable product and everybody eats so they need you!

I'm not the type that will bug you--just wanted to share with you another option. If you want to learn more simply send me a message and I'd love to answer any questions you may have.

Best of luck to you!


answers from Dallas on

Working from home is a JOB. Most of the advertising you see is for some sort of MLM type where you invest, recruit, sell, and must reach certain levels before you ever make money.

Some people love and live by MLM's and the products. Personally, I run from someone when I hear they are MLM, etc because "most of the time, they are very pushy.

Yes, I work from home, WORK. It is not easy and I don't know how people with children to care for can do it and do a good job.

Best wishes.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi C.

I am a part of CEO Moms and I love it, have been with them for about 6 years now. The information is free and whoever you speak with will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you decide if our team and business is a good fit for you or not. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning more. Go to her website and fill out the free info tab, she will call you soon. If you dont get a response, feel free to PM me and we can chat.



answers from Dallas on

My husband and I have had such a positive improvement of health by the nutrition I started taking 2 1/2 years ago that people came to us. They wanted to try it as well, and we fell into a business that we had not even searched for. It has been a blessing to be able to help others and have an email come in every Thursday saying YOU GOT PAID. Many stay at home moms are earning corporate income with this, some just an extra $500 a month. If interested, email me. A. or call ###-###-####

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