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Updated on January 23, 2007
T.P. asks from Cape Coral, FL
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Does anyone know of any young adult meeting places? My 22 year old son has just moved from NJ to stay with us in Florida and he is bored to tears. He had lots of friends and a very active social life up north and it's very quiet in Cape Coral. He hasn't met anybody yet. He's just started a new job in Ft Myers but says he's the youngest person there. He doesn't want to go to clubs alone so he won't meet anyone that way. Someone told me that McGregor Baptist Church has teen/young adult get togethers on Tuesday evenings but I can't find anything about it on the internet. I would love for him to make a few friends so he has someone to hang out with, go to the beach with, etc. I would also LOVE for him to meet a nice girl so he stops mooning over the girl he left behind....he says they broke up some time ago but he still speaks to her on the phone several times a day! That was not a good relationship for him & I'm worried that he's leaning towards reconciling with her.

Also, I have a 15 year old daughter who could use some "wholesome" friends. She has lots of friends in school but doesn't want to socialize with them after school or on weekends. She claims most of them smoke, drink, take drugs, have sex ..... and she doesn't want to be around that. She goes out with me all the time - we go to plays, go shopping, go to the library.... otherwise she seems to just stay home and read or go on the computer. She does have a few friends that I really love that don't seem to be into those smoking/drinking behaviors, but they are boy crazy. I think it might be because my daughter is younger than most of the kids in her classes. Any suggestions?


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answers from Fort Myers on

What about the YMCA? cape parks and rec? What about your son enrolling in some college classes?



answers from Orlando on

I work at espresso to go and we are looking for someone part time if either of them needs a part time job. My son who is 18 works there as well. We have another boy who is 18 very good students and one girl who is 18. We have another girl who is 23 and she has a ton of friends, most of which come to the coffee shop. It's a great way to meet people and to make a few new friends.
My son is a senior this year and is homeschooled. He is planning on attending college in Orlando this fall. These are good kids who are good students and have goals, but also like to hang out, play video games, go to movies and the mall and such.
Just a thought hope it helps.



answers from Fort Myers on

Cape Christian Fellowship on Chiquita has weeknight activities for young adults.



answers from Fort Myers on

hi my bf and i moved from maine about 2 years ago and we dont go out much for the same.....we dont know many people . we are allways looking for cool people to hang with i am 23 and my bf is 22 our daughter is allmost 3 ....we also know of a great church so get back to us if hes into it :)
K. and dustin

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