Securing Home from Break-ins

Updated on August 20, 2008
N.G. asks from Miami, FL
5 answers

Hi Fellow Moms,
Does anyone know any good ways of securing the front door and/or french doors from break-ins? Our home was recently bronken in to, right thru the front door. My door was not damaged. They broke the frame and got in that way. Please let me know of any ideas none is too small at this point.

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answers from Miami on

Storm doors. Install impact doors instead. It is an added expense but it has been completely worth it for us. Besides the added security, for small storms, there is no need for additional hurricane shutters on those windows. You may also get a break on your homeowner's insurance (we did, but all the windows were changed).

Make sure you find the storm doors have top and bottom locking pins in addition to the dead bolt. That really secures the door.

We also have a security system and I can tell you that I sleep much more soundly knowing it's a pain to break into the house and that if, heaven forbid, someone break in again, the whole neighborhood would wake up to our alarm!!!

Best of luck!



answers from Miami on

I'm amazed to see this post!!! I was just broken into last Thursday and they broke in through our french doors in the kitchen. They shattered the entire door/glass. We are also in West Kendall. They didn't go through the entire house, only took a few things...but our safety was stolen. That's what hurts the most. And I'm having problems now leaving our infant in her bedroom which is across the house. It's a split plan. Last night I just needed to go get her and she slept in our bed, which she did the first two nights as well. But I've been able to leave her a couple other nights as we do have the monitor.
In our next house I'm really thinking about getting those iron bars over the windows. I know they look aweful, but it's now time to think of safety first. My husband wants to get a gun and I'm not so sure about that. They as well broke in during the day when no one was home, but who's to say something won't happen at night! I know, I know... the dangers of children getting a hold of them.. but I think that has to do with the parents neglect as well.
In our last house we had only one hurricane window and there is no way to get into those. They are great...expensive..but worth it. We didn't do the rest because we sold the house. There are so many things to think about now because of the economy! It truly sucks! Not sure if there is any better explanation than that.
I would love to hear more about other experiences and what everyone else is doing.
N.... just hang in there. It's hard to believe in this, but everything does happen for a reason. We are to here to learn from it.



answers from Miami on

Dear N.,

I had the same thing happen to me just in the past month. We moved into a home that had been vacant for more than a year before we moved in and it's just my son(18 mos) and myself so I know how scary the feeling is. The police also recommended the bolt in the window like the do it yourself page showed. I pushed the owner (since I'm renting) to install security and they are coming this weekend finally! I am still having nightmares about it I guess since this is our first house. I also have french doors leading out to the backyard and they came in my son't bedroom window in the middle of the day! If your door swings in, you might want to replace it with one that swings out only. Again, it's only a deterent. Where do you live, I'm wondering if this is a sting if you are in my area (west miami) I did have someone come to the door and try and sell me security services right after I moved in so I think it was a set up. Have you had any strange callers or visitors?

Again, best of luck and please let me know if you find any other tips. You're not alone!



answers from Miami on

Hello N.,

Sorry to hear that. how about you change your bolt to a deeper one...that goes beyond the frame.

also, would the police come out and evaluate your home? ask them. call the local number NOT the emergency number.

here is a google link:
Good luck! ~C.~



answers from Miami on

Dear N.:

I don't know where you live, but, here in Miami, the best way to protect a home is with wrough iron doors over the regular doors. It's used on the windows also. It's ornate and it suits the purpose. You lock those doors with a key on the inside. If you cover the windows with the wrough iron, you should have one of them with a lock and key in case of fire. Everyone at home should know where that key is kept.

Besides, in our winter months, when the weather is great and you don't need to use the airconditioning, you are able to open all windows and doors without being worried of someone coming in. They work wonders, even when my husband says that they are out of style. Security comes first. They also keep the little ones in.

Good luck!

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