School Disctrict in Rocklin or Roseville, CA?

Updated on April 26, 2013
C.K. asks from Stanford, CA
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Hi Moms,

I am moving to the Sacramento Area (my husband has been relocated). I don't know anything about the Sac area considering his commute, we are looking at Rocklin or Roseville as the communities to plant our roots.

I have a 5 year old daughter who is special needs and wondered if anyone in the Rocklin and/or Roseville school districts can tell me what the funding is like for special needs kids. She has an IEP and will most likely be in a special day kindergarten class. I'd love to hear from someone who has had a special needs child that has gone through the above school districts. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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answers from Sacramento on

We live in west Roseville so my kids attended schools within the Dry Creek School District. I have nothing but good things to say about the teachers, Special Ed dept, aides and other school staff.

I believe there are 3 school districts within Roseville- Roseville City, Eureka and Dry Creek. I would call the school district's district office and speak to the special ed department.

We moved here from the East Bay in search of a more family friendly environment to raise our kids. We haven't regretted our decision for one minute. Roseville has a fabulous Parks & Recreation department, lots of public parks, walking trails and other amenities. The pace of life here is slower than the Bay Area and that takes some getting used to.

Good luck with your move!



answers from Sacramento on

Our kids go to Vencil Brown in Roseville. Our son has ADHD, OCD and a bunch of other conditions. He does great academically, but has a 504 plan in place to help with the other issues. It was piece of cake getting the 504 plan once we requested it and everyone there has been very accommodating. Mrs. Q is the resource specialist and I've heard nothing but rave reviews about her. Kids run up to hug her.

I'm sure it varies a lot by school, but we've been happy with Roseville. Rocklin is also known for excellent schools, so I don't think you can go wrong there, either. A good realtor can help you pinpoint the best schools in our area. Catherine Gates and Vencil Brown tend to be the top schools in Roseville, although that's changed a little with some newer neighborhoods cropping up on the edge of town.

ETA: Be prepared for a bit of a culture shock moving here from the Palo Alto area. It's extremely conservative here and not in the Woodside protect-my-wealth sort of way. It took a long time for us to get used to it, also moving here from the Bay Area.



answers from Sacramento on

Hello, the rocklin roseville (& folsom) areas are very nice. I live close by, but not in those areas specifically. I would sugget calling the school district main office, and xhecking in wih a few of the schools that appeal to you the most.
My son is in 1st grade and attends Green Oaks Fundemental. Its a fantastic school, but I dont have any specific info on the special needs funding.
Best of luck to you in your move :)



answers from Sacramento on

My daughter is in 2nd grade at Ferris Spanger in Roseville, and has a friend who is special needs (we'll call her Chloe, which is not her real name).
The first two years were great, everyone was very accommadating and accepting of Chloe; all her classmates loved her and helped her out. Chloe has an IEP in place, which includes an aid in the classroom.

At the beginning of this school year things were very difficult and Chloe's mom was getting very frustrated. Most of Chloe's friends (prior classmates) were in the other 2nd grade class; kids were teasing her and didn't want to work in group with her. The teacher hadn't read the IEP and Chloe wasn't getting the individual attention she required. (Granted, class sized exploded with the loss of funding for a third 2nd grade teacher... so there are +/-30 students in each class.)

Things have gotten a little better, but Chloe's mom is still thinking about pulling her out of Spanger next year.

Chloe's mom is thinking about putting her in Roseville Community School

It's a private school that also requires parent involvement, but I would suggest you give it a look.

I would like to recommend Spanger; I think it's a great school and was very proud to see that Chloe wasn't segregated those first two years... that she had so many friends and could function in a normal classroom. I think that the confusions with losing a teacher the first week of school coupled with a new principal (whom I think is great) caused a bad situation. I don't know if Chloe's mom is still thinking about pulling her from Spanger or not.

I also second the culture shock. I too moved to the greater Sacramento area from the Peninsula - only I did it pre-children. I think that both Rocklin and Roseville are great places to live. Good luck on your move!

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