Purchasing a Bridesmaid Dress That I Will Wear When 7 Months Pregnant.

Updated on December 20, 2011
A.A. asks from Ionia, MI
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My friend is getting married in April and I am excited to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. At the time of her wedding I will be 7 months pregnant. She has asked all the bridesmaids to pick out their own dress from David's Bridal (since that is where she bought her wedding dress and we can get a discount). All she has asked is for all the dresses to be long and a certain color that she has picked out already. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Can you recommend any certain styles, material, ect...? I looked through most of the dresses online and I noticed that many of them are strapless. I am not sure if I want to wear one like that considering I won't know what size I will be. Are there certain undergarments you suggest I should wear? I would love to hear your input. Thanks.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would do flowy with some kind of strap at the very least. Probably more like a little sleeve. If it has an empire waist with some pleats or gathers at the waist it will be more likely to fit even if you are small or large for month of pregnancy you will be.

I think talking to the bridal consultants would be a good thing too, they may have a maternity section.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

They will have a "maternity pillow" there for you to wear to simulate your pregnancy when you go to try on dresses.

And I agree with the PP...wait a few months to see how your sizing is going to change--just don't wait too long for alterations, etc.

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This is the one I wore to my sister's wedding. It's considered maternity (didn't know that when I picked it out!) I loved it! It was very comfortable and forgiving. I'd say wait until 4 weeks or so before the wedding and pick out your dress. You'll have a bit of a better idea what size you'll need.




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They should have maternity bridesmaid dresses available. I was in this situation, and I got a maternity bridesmaid dress and ordered big to be on the safe side -because they can always take it in, but they can't let it out! It worked out just fine with a few nips and tucks.



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Maybe a empire waist dress. Or go to Davids bridal and tell your situation to the sales person and let them help you. I know they have had this situation before because my husbands cousin was a bridesmaid in her sisters wedding when she was 8 months pregnant. She wore a dress that matched all the others but had been altered to fit her bulge. I was strapless and was meant to be fitted at the waist. I suspect that it had been orginally way to big for her and basically remade to fit. I did look nice, but I think a empire waist dress would have made a better fit. I am attaching a link for some, but you will need to make sure that what you choose has enough gathers to allow the room you will need.

Chose Empire Waist from the Silhouette section down the side. I would not order one online though. I would go and find one at Davids Bridal and ask a sales person about options or for help finding one. They may can special order you one as well.



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Ooh, I like the choice by Jennifer below....

Also, David's Bridals has a Maternity Appropriate pull down menu. So check there picks for you.

Congrats to all!!



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Go to David's, find someone who seems experienced and knowledgeable, and put yourself in her hands. She's probably dressed more bridesmaids than you or I will ever know and can help guide you through this.

My best wishes to your friend and to you as well! What wonderful things to celebrate!



answers from Detroit on

Empire waist, a couple sizes too big. My sil did this for my wedding. She was 8mo with her 3rd baby. She didn't even lookpregant in the pics...unless she turned sideways!

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