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Updated on July 07, 2009
N.A. asks from El Cajon, CA
4 answers

I am still nursing, my son is 6.5 mths and I have gone back to work part time. I pump 1-2times at work. My milk production is decreasing, (from 5oz to 3 oz) I am worried i wont make enough soon. How can I help boost my production on days I work? diet? any suggestions?

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answers from San Diego on

Milk Production responds directly to demand. The only way to keep your production where it was is to pump. You can pump during your lunch break or on other small breaks. I used the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump with my twin boys and it worked great.
However, your production should keep up with demand, so as long as you are still nursing your son once a day or so, ( supplementing the rest with formula) your milk production should only decrease, not stop.
I started supplementing my twins around 8 mo, and noticed a decrease in the milk production, but it didn't stop until I completely weaned them.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Reno on

I used the Mothers Love supplement along with pumping every 2-3 hrs at work. If you can get a double hospital grade pump (you can rent them too) and it will cut down your time for pumping. Hope that helps.

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answers from San Diego on

Pump your breaths on your breaks and lunch.. the more you pump the more milk you will have.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi N., Good for you to continue nursing after going back to work. My advice would be to eat a healthy diet, and drink plenty of fluids. Breast milk is made based on the demand of the baby. Ei. the more you nurse, the more milk you make. So nurse your son as much as he wants when you are with him, and/or pump while you are at work. The best of luck to you and your little guy.

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