Pregnant with New Job! Help!

Updated on April 13, 2007
N.K. asks from Bethany, OK
7 answers

In one week, (in order) my family got a dog, I was offered a new job, and I found out I am pregnant! Whew! I start my job today and I dont know when and how to tell my boss. I start today and Im already planning maternity leave! When should I tell her? Should I even go back to work?? Help!

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answers from Kansas City on

First things first...congratulations! I had the same thing happen to me...well, not the dog part, but the rest of it. I did wait until I was about 3 months along. I was honest with wasn't planned but it is a wonderful surprise, I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be coming back after the baby, but that I did want to keep working until I gave birth (btw-they can't fire you for being pregnant, it's illegal) and I would give them ample notice if I decided to quit so that they would have time to replace me and I could help train my replacment.

When it became clear that I was going to quit and become a stay at home mom, I told my bosses about it and we found a good replacment that I trained myself and left feeling good that I hadn't left them in a bad situation .

Actually about a month ago they called me and asked if I wanted to come back on a part time basis to help out with billing. It made it clear to me that I had done the right thing. I made the right decision for myself and my family, but I didn't burn the bridges with a fair and good employer.

By the way, I did go back to help them out two mornings a week and it has been great. The best of both worlds for me.

Good Luckm

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answers from Charlottesville on

Congratulations! Exciting times for you! Believe it or not, the exact thing happened to me with my second child (except the dog!). I was on my second day of training when I found out I was pregnant. I knew that I would be staying home with my child, so I chose to quit right away. There were other factors at play, and if I had been in a different field, I may have worked through the pregnancy, just to save up some money. It would have been a very lucrative job, but the other major factors were that I was hired to be the general manager (takes more time to replace), and they wanted me to work, at the very least, 50 hours a week. Having a two-year old at home was a major factor as well. I am a stay-at-home mom and money can be tight, but it's a sacrifice we're willing to make for the short-run. My plan is to go back to work when the kids are school-age (about 4 years).
All of that being said, if I were in your shoes, I would first take some time to evaluate what I really want after the baby is born. You already have a child, so you can better judge what your life will be like and what you would like to accomplish than a first-time mom. Depending on your job, I wouldn't tell anyone that you're pregnant until you're at least 3 months along. You may have to hide your morning sickness and exhaustion, but I think it's worth it to make sure you make it through the miscarriage phase. Then, regardless of your plans for when the baby is born, I would definitely tell your boss. If you plan to stick around, you can make tentative plans for maternity leave, etc. If you've decided to stay home after the baby is born, you have a few choices. Unless you're planning to quit when you tell your boss (i.e. not be working while pregnant), I would be vague about your plans to return to work. Even though it's illegal to terminate anyone's employment due to pregnancy, you could still find yourself having trouble, such as fewer hours, etc. I would tell them your plans once you get closer to your due date, like in the 8th month. This allows them plenty of time to find your replacement, but it also gives you a chance to change your mind. Let's face it, those raging hormones can make you crazy sometimes!
I know I've rambled quite a bit, but I hope that my ramblings have at least given you a few ideas. Good luck to you!



answers from Kansas City on

Well that depends on how far along are you and what kind of job do you have. Cause when i was pregnant with my son i was working in fast food and i just got the job. But i didn't tell them that i was pregnant until i was 3 months along, but they was still ok with it. And the going back to work thing is up to you. I went back to work before my 6 weeks was up. But good luck in what ever you do.



answers from Springfield on

You're not obligated to tell you're new employer about the pregnancy right away. If you were already working there you'd wait a few months anyway, right? I guess keeping the job depends on a few things. Do you need the money, do you need the insurance or are you insured by your husband? You wouln't be covered by FLMA so they won't *have to* hold your job during the maternity leave, do you want to work after the child is born?

Good luck and congratulations.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Some one stated you can't be fired for being pregnant and yes it's illegal but it happens. It happened to me. About 5 weeks into a new job, I found out I was pregnant, it was wonderful we had tried for 6 months. I told my employer immediately and they seemed excited. I continued to do well at the job, I got a raise 3months down the road, and one week after my raise, I was fired because as the owner said, I was making too many mistakes. Not one write up, not once had I been told I had made a mistake, plus the raise. The owner's wife, who hired me, so she wouldn't have to be there anymore was mad that she would have to come back while I was out, that was all it was. They attempted to deny my unemployment, I sued and WON!! I got two separate judgments against the company and when the judge in court said to the owner's wife, "I believe you have lied to this court, judgement for the plaintiff" I was so happy.

To fire a woman because she is pregnant, shouldn't happen, but it does.



answers from Kansas City on

I guess everything here is your choice. How well you take pregenacy? Do you want to work while being pregnet? Do you plan to work after you have the baby? or do you plan to stay at home? Depending on your job and these answers would I make any big decission. If you plan to stay home after your baby is born, I believe it is only fair to tell your boss soon. If you need the money. I believe you should work until you cannot work anymore. I hope this has help you with your decission.



answers from Kansas City on

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