When Would You Announce Pregnancy to New Boss?

Updated on September 30, 2013
V.K. asks from Chisago City, MN
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I start my new job today (Yay!). I did not announce my pregnancy during the interview. My bump was pretty much non-existent at that point. However, now (A couple of weeks later) my bump has really started to pop. People who know that I am pregnant have been commenting that I finally have a bump. I'm not sure if someone who doesn't know that I am pregnant will realize that it's a baby bump or not.

At this point, it doesn't matter... Either way I am hired. However, hubby thinks that I should wait a couple more weeks and establish a good working record before announcing the pregnancy. I agree, but at the same time I don't want it to seem like I am hiding it from them.

Would you wait a couple more weeks or just announce it now?

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answers from Anchorage on

Well, my first thought was that you should have told them before they hired you and to not do so seems somewhat dishonest, but now what is done is done. I would wait a couple of weeks, just long enough to get my foot in the door, and then let them know so they have plenty of time to arrange for covering for you when you take leave.

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answers from Kansas City on

I could go either way on this one. Our boss hired two girls who were pregnant, one you could tell because she was carrying twins, but the other not so much. The one you could not tell waited about a week or two to tell our boss. It just was bad because that made it to where we had the two girls out at almost the same time, and our male supervisor's wife was expecting at the same time. It has been difficult to work around all the maternity/paternity leaves but it has worked. Play it safe and tell them in like 10 days or so. They can't fire you for being pregnant! Congratulations!!!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I would wait a bit.... they can't fire you for being pregnant, but they can sure look for other reasons (or no reason if you have a probationary period). Also, you know you don't qualify for FMLA, right? I don't mean to be a negative Nancy and I really hope you have a great employer who takes it in stride, bit I've seen it turn into a bad situation.

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answers from San Francisco on

How pregnant are you right now? If you're 2 months, wait a while. If you're 5 months, you should tell them within the next month. With my first, I let my boss know when I was 10 weeks pregnant, mostly because I didn't want her thinking I was hung over at work. I looked awful, was really tired, and threw up constantly. Jumping up unexpectedly and running to the bathroom probably didn't look so great in meetings, you know? So she knew from very early on. With my second pregnancy, I worked for a company that was not very friendly toward women, and I waited to tell them until I was around 5 months. (Basically, when I couldn't hide it anymore.) I figured that 3-4 months was plenty of time for me to find a suitable temporary replacement for myself (I was the manager of a department). When I told my boss, I had come up with a plan (more or less) for handling my workload while I was gone, and dates (obviously subject to change if the baby came early, or whatever) that I would be gone on maternity leave. I expressed my willingness to be available via phone during my maternity leave, and my intention to return to work once my leave was over.

All that being said, employers are not technically allowed to discriminate based upon pregnancy, but we all know that they do. If you feel your employer isn't friendly toward new moms, then don't tell them until you have to.

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answers from New York on

Did you know you were pregnant when you applied for and accepted the job? As a boss I've had people come to work for me that must have known they were pregnant when they interviewed and it really affected my opinion of them - that they were not being honest at that point. Dont get me wrong I lvoe babies, I worked full time before both my kids were born and PT after the second one - but when I hire a person it's because there's a job to be done, and knowing they'll be out for 6-12 weeks would not make me happy. Sooooo - I would take your husband's advice and wait until you've established yourself as a good worker, who knows what you're doing, etc. Then - tell your boss and if you didn't know when you applied for the job explain that. If you did know - I don't know that there's any way to explain that...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You need to give them enough notice to arrange coverage for your maternity leave. If there are parts of your job you can't do (eg radiology technician) you need to let them know that right away.

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answers from Dallas on

Well, first go have a discussion with HR if you haven't. Secondly, your boss should have been the very SECOND person in your office to know of your situation (after HR). If you told friends, they should have kept it to themselves.
BUT that cat is out of the bag, so schedule a meeting with him/her immediately. Map out when and how this will impact your work, time in the office, etc. Share with them that you will be working on a maternity leave work plan and find out how much involvement they want with that process and who they would like for you to work with in getting another person up to speed on your duties.
I wouldn't "announce" it until after your boss has been brought in and concerns or questions on their part answered.
I did that with my second and it was a smooth and well-respected process.

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answers from Seattle on

I totally agree with your husband, because once you tell them, they will immediately have to start thinking about all the what-ifs. For instance, how long will your maternity leave be? Are you really coming back? Will they hire a temp or fill your position with a FT or PT employee. Their concerns are valid and will not be focused on your baby bump, but how they plan for your absence.

And naturally, Congratulations on your baby bump!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Congrats on the new job!
I would wait at least a week or so, so you can learn a little bit about your boss and office dynamics. The only exception would be if your boss would find out on his own sooner (ie, if you don't tell him, don't tell anyone else in the office either). Keep in mind that your new boss and coworkers don't know your usual figure like your friends do, so as long as you aren't wearing show-off-the-belly maternity clothes, they probably won't notice your bump.

As for those who say you should have told during interviews - I respectfully disagree. It is illegal to the employer to discuss it at that point, and if you bring it up, you are opening them up to lawsuit - highly unprofessional. So you did the right thing by not telling during the interview process.

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answers from Washington DC on

i feel sort of sorry for employers who are affecting by pregnancies but are not allowed to consider it or comment on it when hiring people.
DID you hide it from them when you interviewed?
at this point you're right, it doesn't matter. it's more about whether you're being upfront, or want to make things 'seem' one way or the other.
life is just simpler if people are honest.

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answers from Washington DC on

You're right. It doesn't matter. However, they need to know your plans so you need to talk with the HR department and then let your immediate boss know.

As to establishing a "good working record"? Either way - they will find out if you are a good employee or not. So just tell them.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter actually had a place tell her they would have not hired her if they'd have known she was pregnant. They felt they'd just about have her fully trained and on track then have to hire someone to take her place and do it all over again.

When she took off to have the baby they hired a new person to work her shift at the hotel. When she was ready to come back they told her they really liked the new person better and they'd have an opening in the overnight shift in 2 weeks. She ended up having no babysitter overnight so she was out of a job due to not being able to work the assigned shift.

They offered to bring her back full time but just on a different shift. They did not have to pay unemployment or anything. She was out of a job.

I'd wait as long as possible to tell anyone anything. The longer you wait the less likely they are to realize you didn't mention your pregnancy during your interview.



answers from Monroe on

I would wait a while, maybe a couple weeks. Establish a good record, then go to him personally. don't send an email or a phone call.



answers from Minneapolis on

legally u dont have to say anything..let it go-theyll figure it out...



answers from Washington DC on

It's illegal for them to base any decisions on whether or not you are pregnant. I would tell him right away. It won't change your work record, and it might be awkward to be getting bigger with no mention of it.

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