Pregnant-When To Tell New Employer??

Updated on January 26, 2012
J.H. asks from Burlington, VT
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So I just got hired by the local hospital to be a phlebotomist. I was hired through a non-profit program that works to give employment to qualified unemployed/underemployed residents. I really, really need this job and getting it was very competitive. It starts with 8 weeks of unpaid training (which starts Monday). The training leads to certification and ft employment begins immidiately after the training. I am due in July so I will only be able to work 3 months or so before I take a leave. I will not have worked enough time to take a paid leave so I plan to take as little time as possible. My problem is, I don't know when I should tell them about my pregnancy or if I have already messed up and should have done it by now. I thought maybe I should wait until the training is over and I am officially hired by the hospital BUT I will be obviously showing before then... What should I do??

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So What Happened?

Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect for responses but the overwhelming majority of you are saying to keep it quiet and that is what I am going to do. I am so glad I asked and thank you all for your advice! The one thing I am going to do is check with my OB about possible risks. If and only if he says I need to will I mention it. They could let me go at any point during training with no reason so it probably does make sense to keep it quiet if I can.

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answers from Boston on

You should probably let them know now. Don't you have to train taking blood from other students with Phlebotomy training?

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answers from Los Angeles on

I personally would wait to tell them until after your first trimester ends.

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answers from Spokane on

I wouldn't say a word. If you start showing, then you start showing. But unless you have to LEGALLY state that you're pregnant, I'd keep my mouth shut. I mean, it's your personal life, right?

I've known too many women who were passed over for a job they were perfectly qualified for because of a pregnancy. I was passed over for a position in the company I worked for because I was *trying* to get pregnant. Of course, it wasn't the "official" reason, but no one else was qualified to do the job and I had to train the girl they DID hire....just sayin'.

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answers from Lake Charles on

I'd wait until it was painfully obvious, legally they can't ask you about it so finish up training and get hired on FT then when you're 6-7 months go to HR and tell them you want to discuss how you'll handle maternity leave. I'd def not say a word until you're hired, as illegal as it is to discriminate there's no proof they did if they just fire you during training, so wait to get hired on and then go from there. I messed up and told my employer literally when I found out with my first and I got laid off a week later.. it was a toxic workplace anyway but still, definitely sucked!

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answers from Columbia on

I'd wait a few months.

Get trained. Work hard. Become indispensible. THEN tell them.

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answers from Dallas on

Don't tell. You are not required to tell and it will definately red flag you. Wait until they ask you or you have to ask for leave.

If an accident happens and you do get stuck or get fluid in an open wound, tell them at that point. But don't be afraid. It is VERY unlikey. They don't have trainees stick anyone but babies and pregnant women.

All that being said, take good care of yourself. You will bo on your feet alot. Think bachaches, swollen feet. Get a good foot massager, good shoes, insoles. Bring apples, fruit and granola bars, string cheese, bottled water with you every day. You don't want to pass out in front of the whole class because you didn't eat!

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answers from Fort Collins on

I don't know what "official policy" would be, if any. But I would wait until it is obvious or until you have to say something. Technically you can't be let go due to pregnancy, but if it is an "at will" position they don't need to give a reason to let someone go.

Do your job, do it well and they will want to keep you at any cost!

ETA Ask your personal dr if there is any concern regarding your pregnancy and your training. If there is no risk to you or the baby, wait as long as possible.

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answers from Minneapolis on

because of the NATURE of your job, that is working with BLOOD, and needles and other PEOPLE... you need to tell them right away. Its for the health of you and your baby. IF you are to stick yourself or get someone's bio-hazard on you, they are liable to get a big law suit there way.

I had to tell my employers the minute I knew cause I worked with heavy and hazardous materials. Then they moved me for the entire time to a BORING desk job till my baby was born. Then I quit... lol

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Personally, unless there are health reasons (to you or the patients or co-workers), I would wait until after your 8 weeks of training and your certification.
Research your employers maternity leave benefits BEFORE you tell your boss.
Think about what YOUR maternity leave will "look" like for you.

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answers from Burlington on

I agree with waiting until you finish training and get going on the job. FAHC? I'm here too. They should not ask, but I would not deny. Can't (illegal) to discriminate against you due to pregnancy. Not really a secret. It is possible since you probably won't qualify for STD that folks could donate CTO to you when the baby arrives. If you have a decent supervisor, I would confide in them after training is complete, you've gotten a month on the job (doing a bang-up job!) of your plans to return to work, and of your lack of CTO and STD. If you define yourself early on as a pleasant, eager, hard-worker that is anxious to return back to work, they will work with you. Nice to let them know just in case you find yourself needing to rest, or take it easy. Don't want them to feel surprised. Good luck!


answers from Hartford on

You're already three months along or so, which means you're going to be showing before long. Definitely before any typical three month probationary period is over. If you want to keep the pregnancy private, that's your business. You're not obligated socially to tell anyone, but because of the nature of your work you may have to mention it before there's an on-the-job accident.

It might be a good idea to come up with a solid maternity leave plan that you can show them if you're hired. Many employers are hesitant to hire soon-to-be mothers because statistically most of them don't come back to work to that same job after maternity leave is over. And even though the employee paid into the maternity benefits, the company feels its the one that lost out on time and money in investing in the employee. I did this with my company, who hired me the day before I found out I was pregnant. I waited to tell them until the morning sickness was too obvious to hide. But they took a chance with me that I appreciated.

When I was supposed to go back to work after my first maternity leave to a job I loved, a job I swore I would go back to, I had severe separation anxiety and PPD. I couldn't leave her right away so I used up all of my maternity leave AND all of my FMLA. It got to the point where I decided I could work... but only part time and I couldn't travel 45 minutes each way (the commute I had been driving to this dream job) any longer. I worked part time hours and only 15 minutes from home as a temp while my MIL watched my daughter until my next daughter was born.

My point is... all the best laid plans.



answers from Boston on

I was in the same situation as you when I took my current job. I was 6 weeks along when I got my offer. I found out after I had my interview! I thought the right thing to do was to be honest and upfront with my new employer as she didn't feel betrayed. Probably best to wait until after the 1st trimester as that is when you'd most likely tell others, but legally, they can't let you go because you are pregnant. I'd think they'd be especially sensitive of this law in a place like Vermont.

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