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Updated on January 17, 2012
C.C. asks from Denton, TX
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Did anyone find that at the begining of their pregnancy they were not hungry at all and when you did eat anything that made it feel like you were going to be sick?

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answers from Dallas on

Yes! In fact thats a good indication for me that I'm pregnant! And then the morning sickness kicks and and guess what--that idea that it's being sick in the morning is a MYTH! For me anyway. It was all day long every day feeling like I had the flu for 3 1/2 months. UGH! I always loose a lot of weight the first 3 months instead of gaining because I feel so yucky and everything makes me feel gross. Just hang in there! Remember that this won't last forever and that at the end of it all you will have the sweetest, most wonderful, loving, adorable precious little bundle of joy. One look into those eyes and it will all be worthwhile. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

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answers from Boston on

All four of my pregnancies! It was awful! I would feel like I could eat a certain food and my husband would go out and get it. He would get home, put it on the table and I would just cry because I couldn't do it. It was the worst with my second born. I only gained 12 pounds my whole pregnancy and he was 9 lbs. 7 oz!! It is really frustrating. Just try to eat 6 small meals and stay plenty hydrated and try to take your vitamins. I, personally could not take prenatal vitamins. The second they would hit my mouth I would get sick. I took kids gummy vitamins and when I felt better, I started taking the prenatal vitamins. For some reason all I could eat was cereal and fruit salad! Good luck! It was well worth it or I wouldn't have done it four times :-)



answers from Grand Rapids on

That is exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with #2. I lost 10 lbs. the first four months. I remember histerically crying in Subway because I felt like I couldn't even take a bit of my sandwich because I knew I would feel miserable after it! It slowly gets better. As soon as I hit 5 months it went away and I felt amazing until I had my son. Hand in there and congrats! :)


answers from Dallas on

Oh yes dear. I lost weight during my first trimester because I never felt like eating and when I did, everything just made me so sick. By my 4th month, I was so ready for some relief, which thankfully, I was one of the luck ones that did have relief from the symptoms. Its perfectly normal. I'm at 22 weeks now so I'm not far ahead of you. Good luck!


answers from Wausau on

Oh boy did I ever feel this way, with both of my pregnancies...this is just the beginning. This is sooooo normal!



answers from Amarillo on

I love my morning coffee! I love the smell of it. When I was pregnant I was soo sad that just the smell of it made me sick!! It will pass,may take till into the second trimester though.



answers from Dallas on

YEs, yes, yes! I had crazy experiences with food, sickness, all of it. I am a nurse too. First of all, it is vital that you eat, for the fetus, meals at the very least. If you can't tolerate much, stick to protein. That will fend of sickness and provide the nutrients your growing little one needs. Some women just don't feel like chewing or actually "eating", so have a Slim-Fast or Ensure. I did SF, because it's the same vitamins and protein. Hope that helps! Congratulations!!!


answers from Dallas on

I felt that way for about 2 weeks with this is my 3rd..I am almost 14 weeks now..It will pass soon hang in there ;)


answers from New York on

Oh my goodness, yes. It's totally normal. With my first pregnancy, I had no issues. The second, I didn't want to eat! I lost a few pounds, in fact!
It's normal. Don't worry, soon your appetite will come back. Try to find foods that won't make you sick. For me it was soup.



answers from Dallas on

Completely normal. Believe it or not, for the first few weeks the only foods that I didn't get sick on were frozen cheese pizza from Whole Foods and chips and salsa! Gotta love those hormones!! Hopefully it won't last too long. Congrats on your pregnancy. I found that homeopathy really worked well for me. The remedy Nux Vomica was very helpful. I also used Sea Bands, which are wrist bands that use acupressure to reduce the symptoms of nausea. I tried the preggo-pops and things like that, but I felt like I was eating too much sugar with those and eventually they made me sick too.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I understand where you are coming from. This happened to me with my first pregnancy and is happening to me again now with my second pregnancy. I'm in my 17th week and it's starting to get better. I actually gaine a pound this week, after loosing about 15. I found myself buying Ensure to help suppliment what I wasn't getting. It's so frustrating to crave something, but not be able to eat it when you finally get it. Try to eat about 6 small meals a day if you can. I keep just about anything and everything on hand to snack on when I feel like I can eat. Hang in there. It'll get better soon.



answers from Fresno on

Yes, for me it was the 1st 6 months of pregnancy with both girls. I didn't gain any weight because of it until my 6th month. I tried Dramamine, ginger, 7-up and Unisom for the Nauseau, but nothing worked. My doctor eventually put me on Zofron, which was amazing and helped me feel almost back to normal. Just keep yourself hydrated and you will be fine.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I didn't have cravings, I had food aversions. Certain foods (meats and some vegetables, mostly made me gag). Now Slurpees, cupcakes and Nerds were right up my alley! LOL



answers from Dallas on

Firstly congratulations!

I am almost 33 weeks pregnant. When I hit the 8 week mark I had no appetite at all and was also nauseous which made it even worse. Nothing appealed to me. The hard part was that I was visiting my parents for 6 weeks and usually one loves their mother's home cooked meals but I just couldn't eat anything and when I did it was crackers or toast just to keep me going! This lasted for approximately 10 weeks and thereafter my appetite returned to normal.

Try smoothies or juices if you can't eat anything.

Good luck!



answers from Houston on

ahh!!! I noticed this entire week that my food-eating-mood had reduced a LOT. my morning sickness has not kicked in yet though.


answers from Dallas on

thats very comon i think is because the hormones ,in my first preganancy i was like that i didn't eat in whole day and even water make me feel sick.

try eat small meals during the day and saltines before each meal



answers from Dallas on

welcome to pregnancy! who would have thought that you have to force yourself to eat!! Don't worry it will pass. Get into your 2nd trimester and you should be better.



answers from Dallas on

yep- my last 2 pregnancies were that way. And it lasted off and on the whole time- but I did eat and gain weight(which I am now working on losing) eating fresh fruits and veggies helped me but most of the time just the thought of food made me feel ill. You just have to find something you can stomach and eat in small amounts throughout the day. That's what worked for me. If I tried to eat one big meal it made me feel sick.
God bless!

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