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Updated on May 30, 2010
P.P. asks from Hollywood, FL
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Hi does anyone knows the color of the uterus when pregnant? I did blood work and urine test and the blood work comes back negative but the urine sticks are positive. Went to the doctore and wa told that the uterus feels like a 6 week pregnancy yet the color of the uterus is Pink and not purple. What does this mean?

Am freaking out right now, anyone who can help me please do.


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answers from Miami on

Please know that I am not trying to scare you, but you may be pregnant and on the verge of a miscarrriage. My second pregnancy was sort of similar. My doctor did the blood work twice, and did a the uterus ultrasound for confirmation. I was about 7 weeks pregnant at the time. When I went back the next month they said that the baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks. I am sorry to tell you this , but I do want you to be prepared.


answers from Boca Raton on

This sounds a bit crazy....why didn't your OB explain it to you?! I have no idea, try a great website called



answers from Los Angeles on

I was told from my obgyn that my uterus was blue when he went in to get a sample of my fallopian tubes to tell if I was ovulating. I didn't know what this meant, but he could not perform the procedure because that means you are pregnant.



answers from Melbourne on

Is it possible you have an ectopic pregnancy? It is possible to be positive and not show signs in the uterus because the egg never arrived there. This is serious and will have to be removed if this is the case. You could have scarring on your fallopian tubes which could cause this, best be checked out by your ob doctor. Probably need an ultra sound to show a positive or a negative. Good Luck
M.W. lpn



answers from Port St. Lucie on

Hi. I can't remember how far along I was, but I do remember the doctor telling me during one of my pregnancies that my uterus was purple.




answers from Miami on

did she do an ultrasound on you? first of all how did she see the color of you uterus? and my best advice to you is you should call your doctor and ask her all those questions and concerns, don't feel bad. that's why they are there, i'm a mother of 4 and trust me there is no better answer to your questions when you are pregnant than your own doctors. You will feel a lot better and less worry if it comes from the doctor, also advice the doctor that you are concern and to do an ultrasound for you

good luck



answers from Wichita on

Hi i dont know the color of the uterus when pregnant but this might help you not be so worried...I do know that i am currently 15 weeks pregnant and i got pregnant in feb. had a period in march and april and then a blood test on april 26th and it was negative..I waited about 2 weeks and took another blood test and it showed positive I was almost 4 months pregnant when i found out i was pregnant because i kept getting false negatives...

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