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My Sons B Day Party

my son is turning 2 and i have no idea what to do for his birthday please help any ideas would be great


Wiggles B-day Party

I'm a mom of a soon to be 2 year old who is OBSESSED with the Wiggles!!! For...


My 9 Year Olds B-day

my daughter is turning 10 years old i want to make it extra speical without...


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Wedding Planning Stress

I am in the middle of planning my wedding and I am so stressed out over it that I am not even looking forward to it anymore, I would rather it was just over. My parents are doing alot to help with both planning and paying for alot it. But they are also making some things really hard. My future in-laws are not helping out at all and actually just complaining about having to rent a tux and buy a dress. I understand that they are finacialy unstable at the moment, but I am not asking them to help pay for anything. Just to get those two things!...


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Shaving Your Legs

How often do you ladies shave your legs? I just shaved mine last night for the first time in...let's just say too long. I've never been big on shaving legs, it just doesn't bother me. I do always shave my legs when I wear skirts or shorts but I wear pants mostly because of my job. Another reason is I get razor burn ALOT. I can use an awesome 5 blade razor maybe 2 or 3 times before I start getting razor burn with it. -- I usually get a new razor, then shave a few times then after the razor burn comes I stop, hence my leg hairs get long-- . I...