Our New Little Man Looks Completely Different than Both of Us!! Anyone Else?

Updated on December 05, 2011
M.M. asks from Lake Charles, LA
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I finally had my beautiful little man and we are enjoying him SO much!!! My husband and I are both dark complected with dark brown (almost black) hair and dark brown eyes.. He's Hawaiian and I have some native american and a bunch of other stuff mixed in. We both have Irish (quite a bit) in us and our little man came out with a head FULL of blonde hair and blue eyes! He has our features and minus the hair and skin tone looks a lot like our daughter but we were SO surprised when we saw him! He's gorgeous and totally not what we thought he would look like, we love it. I know people are going to look at him and wonder if he's my husbands baby (our daughter is the spitting image of him) and I'm wondering how often this happens? My dad and brother are blonde hair/blue eyes, and my husbands grandpa is pretty much 100% irish so while it's definitely genetically possible it just wasn't genetically probable.. his skin is getting dark and it looks like he'll have my husbands eyes, nose and mouth (which is distinctly hawaiian) with blonde hair and blue eyes.. So do any you have kids with completely different hair & eye color than you?? And he's DEF my husbands baby lol, no questions threre!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I got all the recessive genes from my parents. They are dark haired, brown eyes and of average height. I'm green eyed, strawberry blond hair and much taller than both of them. Until I learned basic genetics in elementary school, I swore I was switched in the hospital (they're crazy, I don't dismiss the switching part completely).

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answers from Austin on

We are Hispanic, olive skin dark brown eyes and hair, and my sister still is very fair skinned with light hair and Hazel eyes.

Her face looks exactly like my Uncle on my fathers side.

My moms father was fair skinned, some of his ancestors were from Spain and they are fair skinned.

When my sister was born my grandmother was so upset because at the hospital in the room right next to my mom was a fair skinned, blonde woman who had a little boy.. Her baby had jet black hair and was olive skinned. My grandmother did not speak English and just knew the babies had been switched. She was so upset until she saw the father of the other baby arrived. He was a tall dark haired Italian gentleman..

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answers from Seattle on

He sounds beautiful. :) I've heard that babies of darker-skinned parents often have lighter skin at birth, but their skin gets darker over a period of days. Oh, to keep the blue eyes with darkening skin! Congratulations on your new little one.

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answers from Seattle on

LOL... gotta love those recessive genes!

One of my sisters looks like NO ONE in my family... except is a doppleganger for my great grandmother's sister. Seriously. It's freaky. But without that picture from 1890 something... she looks completely adopted.

My husband's family is Blackfoot & Italian. They're practically United Colors of Beniton over there. MOST of the family is dark. But there are 2 porcelain skinned redheads, 1 DARK SKINNED redhead (I know, a unicorn; the tanning redhead), 1 blonde with dark skin, and 1 dark haired with pale skin.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've heard it said that all babies look like Winston Churchill....lol

Waaaaaay too early to know what he will look like.
Usually that initial head of hair falls out & then grows in different.

Enjoy the new baby! Congrats!

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answers from Medford on

My husbands dad had dark red hair and medium skin. His M. is dark dark hair and olive complection. His sister and brother both have dark hair and dark complections and brown eyes. My husband is blond as ever and has hazel eyes. Other than he is built like and looks just like his dad, a family picture would look like he is not theirs.
I have light skin and dark hair, hazel eyes. Our son was white haird and tanned in the summer to a really dark color. Our daughter was dark haird and tanned nice. As they grew up, their hair changed. His darkened, and hers lightened and now they are both medium brown. Hard to tell when they are so young, but they turn out how ever they are meant to turn out.

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answers from Victoria on

I thought our son was Asian when I first saw him. I was shocked. He has blue jean (dark blue) eyes. I have brownish greenish and my husband has blueish greenish (lighter blue) definatly not the color of our sons. But after a few months it was clear he looked so much like my oldest brother. Except the eyes. Our daughter had light brown hair and the same eye color as our son (not our dark hair). But they now both are spitting images of one or the other of us. But right when they were born we could not see either one of us in them. The hair is getting darker on our son but our daughter still has some hints of blond!!! Give it some time that blond might be dark brown one day.

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answers from Washington DC on


When Greg was born - he was a toe-head, BRIGHT blue eyed boy. Both Bob and I are dark brown hair and brown eyes...I told this story the other day on here as well...people asked which side of the family he resembled - Bob would reply the mail man's - we laughed. Greg looks like his cousin - they could pass for brother and sister. Like you - no doubt who the daddy is.

My girlfriend, who is black, had her son - he was pale/tan...it took him about 2 weeks to get darker. it was funny to watch him every day get a little darker - don't know how or what happened...he's now 12 years old and just as dark as his mom - he sees pics of him when he was a baby - and says "that was ME?!?" Yeppers! :)

Nicky, our youngest, has brown hair and black eyes...he's got his daddy's almost olive skin (Russian heritage).

CONGRATS!!! Again!!

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answers from Charlotte on

Sometimes it takes weeks for a baby with a darker heritage to get darker. Also, blue eyes frequently turn a darker color.

Congrats on the baby coming!


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answers from Boston on

My husband was bleach blond until 2... then his hair turned brown... and still is! Genes do crazy things sometimes.

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answers from Savannah on

My cousin's first son was like this. He is 2 now and his eyes have darkened a little, but his hair is still light compared to both parents' dark brown hair. Their second son is much darker complexioned.

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answers from Des Moines on

My son is 19 months old. Every day he is looking more and more like me, but for at least the first year, we thought it was so funny because he looked nothing like either of us!

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't really understand why you would be worried about what others think?



answers from Minneapolis on

I have had people look at our two sons and ask if they have the same father! My oldest is darker skinned with the darkest eyes I've ever seen and light brown hair (looks more like me). My younger son is so fair skinned and has red hair and hazel eyes. I love that I have two that look so distinct from each other. I don't think either of them look too much like my husband :) Maybe our third will be blond like him :)



answers from Chicago on

When my oldest son was born I was expecting black hair and dark brown eyes. my husband is italian. I have dark brown almost black hair and green eyes. My son had a head full of blond hair and light blue eyes. He is 23 now. has darker blond/brown hair and had the blue eyes til highschool. next son came along 15 months later. So of course I am thinking same thing right? nope got coal black hair and dark brown eyes. recessive genes are funny things. youngest son came out with dark hair and eyes but the curliest hair and longest lashes ever.



answers from Washington DC on

When I was born I had black hair and both of my parents were surprised. Around 3 months all of my hair fell out and in grew tow head blonde (more to what they were expecting). My daughter has darker skin and brown hair and looks like my husband but little like me (and her eyes changed from blue to hazel around a year old). My husband likes to joke that he couldn't have fathered my son, as my son has blonde hair (born with light brown hair) and my husband is dark of cuban descent. My 8 week old currently has strawberry blonde, almost red, hair and blue eyes. Your little man may lose his blonde hair and have it change colors to brown and his eyes may darken with time.


answers from Dayton on

DH has dark brown hair. I have dirty blond.
Our DS has bright orange hair.

And both our kids faces are such blends of the 2 of us it is hard to say they favor either of us.

People like to comment on it all the time...and it is annoying. But, what can you do? ;)

Congrats!!! Did you get to use the name you wanted? (I think that was you, right?...the double, Hawaiian middle name?)



answers from Cleveland on

My DH and his brother had blond hair until they were 5 then it darkened to a dark brown. DH has brown eyes. I have brown hair and eyes. Both our dds have blond hair and blue eyes. The oldest is 14 and the youngest is 8. Both of their hair is starting to darken but I would not consider it to be brown yet. In the summer it is lighter from the sun but not as light as it was when they were toddlers.

Oldest dd's eyes are now more blue grey than when she was younger. Youngest dd's eyes sometimes look blue, sometimes grey and sometimes have a hint of green.


answers from Oklahoma City on

My ex husband and I both have dark brown hair and brown eyes and our son was born was blue eyes and hair so blonde it was white. We both have the recessive genes for it and he got them. Your son has hit the genetic lottery.



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter has pure dark brown eyes. They are the feature that people remark about often. She has only one other cousin (out of a few dozen cousins) that has those same color eyes, that's all! Her dad's are a pale blue/green and mine are a dark green/brown. Other than that, she looks like us!

I know a family where both parents have dark brown hair, and their son and daughter both have beautiful bright red hair!



answers from Portland on

Lots of tow-headed kids eventually darken – my son-in-law has dark brown hair but was blonde as a little guy. And most babies are born with paler eyes – my daughter was born with smokey blue eyes, but they turned the color of sliced black olives.

Sounds like a couple of recessive genes connected from both sides of the family. I'm the first redhead in my family for three generations on one side, but there must have been redheads way back on both sides. The toss of the genetic dice…


answers from Dallas on

Genetics are fascinating. I always tell my kids that genetics are like rolling the dice--you're never sure what you're going to get.

I am Jewish, Irish, and German (and some African-American rumored to be about five generations back) on my mother's side; Welsh and English on my father's side. My mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on look Jewish more than anything (although my grandmother also had some African-American features). My dad's side is very blonde, blue-eyed, and fair. I am a mixture of both parents: light green eyes, dark hair, and light-medium coloring. The kids' dad is Hispanic (dark hair, dark brown eyes, medium-dark complexion), but both kids are blonde haired and light eyes--my daughter has grey-blue eyes and my son has light greenish-brown. My daughter tans very easily, so much so that in the summer she looks like a surfer girl, but my son is so fair that we have to lather sunscreen on him or he will burn.

I was very surprised, as was their dad, that they came out so fair. Who knew? Especially considering that dark complexion is more prevalent on both sides.


answers from Los Angeles on

My Dad is Mexican with black hair, brown eyes and darker skin, my Mom is white with blond hair, blue eyes and light skin and I came out with bright orange hair and green eyes and pale skin. The first thing my Mom told my Grandma (Dad's Mom) was "I swear it's his baby!" It happens sometimes. My husbands family is Mexican also and they have some blond haired, blue eyed people in his family.

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