Hair Coloring

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Hair Color

C.A. asks from Waterloo

I have had my hair colored for years and NOW with the prices of getting your hair colored in the salons are soo expensive so i have been thinking about every other ti...


Hair Color

E.M. asks from Kansas City

I am coloring my hair, again, and just needed one piece of advice. I know you aren't supposed to wash your hair first, but what about having product in your hair? Las...


Hair Color

K.P. asks from Seattle

Hello all, My sister is has brown hair and she wants to dye it blonde. She bought a box of blonde hair color and a brown one too in case it didn't work. Will th...


Do You Color Your Own Hair?

E.R. asks from Dallas

I'm considering coloring my own hair. It's getting where I need to have my hair done every 2 months and I pay a lot at the salon for a cut / color & highlights....Bu...


Hair Color

J.W. asks from Austin

Does anyone color their own hair with the box. I was thinking of going from naturally blond to a darker reddish blond. Do the red come out looking fake? Any brands...


Hair Color

K.P. asks from Springfield

Hi Ladies, I need help. I am 31 and going gray. Before the grays, I had never colored my hair, but now it's a must. I am a mother of two on a tight budget, so I...


Hair Color

C.H. asks from Augusta

Hi, when I was a child all the way up until about age 13 when I started dying my hair I was blonde and for yrs I have been dying it bright blonde to inhance my color ...


Hair Color

H.K. asks from Columbus

Are there any hair color products out there that will cover gray that are safe for me to use while pregnant? I've heard that henna is safe, but I've also heard that ...


Hair Color

V.F. asks from Shreveport

I have had the same cut, color for many many years. My husband and I were talking and he said jokingly that i needed to be a blonde. I have had my hair highighted a...