Indoor Fun

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Indoor Activities in Denver for Toddlers?

I have two boys, ages 2 and 3 1/2. As we head into cooler weather I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for indoor activities--preferrably low-cost or even no-cost. We go to the park and zoo a lot, but we need to add some indoor things to our list! Thanks!


Best Indoor Mall

Where is the best indoor mall to take kids too - maybe with a play area?

Arts & Crafts

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Safe Arts & Crafts for Babies

Looking for fun, safe arts & crafts ideas for our 8 month old. Just a little something to start tapping into her artistic side. Everything she plays with goes in her mouth. I've seen non toxic finger paints in stores but of course they're not going to say it's edible. Any creative ideas? One friend suggested crayons as the least harmful? Pudding? Or just good old finger paints under close supervision? Thanks!


Arts & Crafts

I have 3 daughters, ages 5-6-8. What are some good crafts that we can do at...

Board Games

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Board Games- When and What?

When is it a good time to introduce board games and what are some good first games you played as a family? I think it would be really fun to play these with my daughter who is 21 months old. I know the boxes all say 3+, but so many toys that are 3+ she has fun with now.


Family Board Games

I am looking for good board game suggestions DH and I can play with our soon...


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Mac or Pc???

My computer decided to die about a month ago so now we're looking into a new laptop for our home. (I'm using my husbands work computer at the moment) I've always had a PC but my husbands work recently switched him over to a Mac and he's very happy with it. Now, he thinks we should get a Mac for our home. I am very interested in photography and take lots of pictures and enjoy editing them and creating projects in Photoshop Elements. I also create a lot of documents using Word. Other than that I use the Internet. My question is... what...


PC Or Mac???

My PC is approaching the end of its life and I am trying to figure out what...


Mac VS. PC??

Hi ladies. I am looking for a new desktop and would really like to know..Mac...


Mac V. PC

So our computer crashed. We've thought about a Mac. Any pros or cons would...


Mac vs PC Laptop

Not sure if I worded that correctly, but anywho....has anyone ever gone from...

Movies & TV

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Background Movies/ Tv Shows

What is one of those movies you stop at every time it's on? I call them background movies because I can enjoy it even though I'm doing laundry or dishes and can just hear them and not really sit down and not watch every second. For a looong time it was "Pretty Woman." What's your show or movie?


Movies for Kids

I am looking for a really good list of wholesome movies for our family. We...


Movies and 3D

I have been wanting to take my kids to a movie for some time. Either I can...

Video Games

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Wii or Not to Wii?

My husband and I have been talking for almost a year now about getting Nintendo Wii for Christmas and we are very excited. We have 3 boys, ages 6, 5, and 2 and they will just love something like that! But now I keep hearing about other systems like the Playstation Move and Xbox 360...... i'm so confused. Is the Wii "old school" now? Does anyone own a PS3 Move or Xbox 360? I'm not a proponent of regular video games for the kids and I'm afraid if we have a ps3 in the house, my husband would go back to his college days of playing madden all...


Wii or No Wii?

We have two boys, ages 8 and almost 12. We have never owned a video gaming...


WII Game System

Just wondering what you other mommas think of a WII game system for my soon...