On Mini-pill, Unsure If Pregnant

Updated on August 23, 2009
J.F. asks from Minneapolis, MN
6 answers

I've been on the mini-pill since my daughter turned 6 weeks (end of April). My first period came mid-July. However, I'm two weeks late this month. I've taken a pregnancy test, and it was negative. I was breastfeeding, however my milk supply dropped significantly last month (which happened with my son when got pregnant with my daughter). Wondering if anyone had missed periods while on the mini-pill and wasn't pregnant? How long should I keep taking the pill (I know you're supposed to stop taking it if you're pregnant). Any suggestions?

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answers from Duluth on

I was not on the mini pill, but i have never, ever, ever missed a period other than when I was pregnant. I got my period 5 weeks after having my second baby (I had just stopped bleeding a week before!). I am regular like clockwork. I missed one period when breastfeeding. I freaked out, took a pregnancy test, came back negative...my doc told me that that happens sometimes. I'm not sure whether the mini-pill should regulate you so much that you have periods no matter what, or if the hormones of breastfeeding can override that. I was totally shocked--that is the ONLY time I've EVER missed a period...but I was definitely not pregnant!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have been on the mini-pill since my daughter was 6 weeks old and now she is 18 months. I was regular before with other normal birth control pills but with the mini-pill I only get my period once every few months. Since the mini-pill is a 4 week on type of pill as opposed to the 3 weeks on and 1 week off (or sugar pills) -- I think that your cycle is supposed to be more suppressed. I was told I may or may not get my period on this form of the pill. I also know though that this pill is more sensitive and you need to make sure you are taking it at the same time each day. If you are unsure, go in and have a blood test to verify if you are pregnant or not. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I haven't had this experience, but know my neighbor went on the mini pill after her third (and intended last) child was born so that she could continue to nurse. When her daughter was 4 months old she found out she was pregnant with her fourth. So, not that it's what's going on with you, but I have heard of it happening. It's possible that the pregnancy test just isn't picking it up yet... To be safe, I'd check with your OB. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I suggest you call your doctor for a test.



answers from Rochester on

My husband and I got pregnant while I was on the mini-pill when I was nursing. You need to consistently take it at the same time everyday; there is a two-hour window of time, after which, the pill is not effective until you've taken it regularly for a week. (ie: You take your pill every morning at 8am, but you forgot one day and took it at lunch. You now have to wait a full week of taking it at 8am again before it is effective)

I would stop taking the pill just to be on the safe side and contact your OB/GYN. Even if a urine test is coming up negative this early, a blood test could be an option to get you a more accurate result.



answers from Omaha on

Both times I was on the mini-pill while nursing my doctor told me it was possible to have irregular periods and even miss periods. She said that it was totally normal and not to worry about it. If you have concerns I would suggest that you call your doctor.

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