Newborn Chapped Butt

Updated on May 02, 2009
M.Z. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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my two week old had to be switched to formula. she is having a tough time getting used to it. almost every diaper is a poopy one. dr. says thats fine and normal. the problem is her butt is bright red. looks almost like its chapped. we were using desitin. dr. told us to start using a&d ointment (which we now are) or aquaphor and quit using wipes. I just want to know if anyone has any other remedies to help her butt. with my son, we've never had any diaper rash/ butt issues. we tend to let him "air out" if he has a really messy diaper. should i try that with her? thanks in advance for your help ladies.

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answers from Cleveland on

I've been using A&D Ointment with my 2 mnth like charm..My daughter only thing that worked was desitin & with my oldest.. it was pinx saav.. which i found @ Drug Mart.. My neighbors swore by it also.. I guess my poing that every kid is different so you may just have to find out what will work. but my doctor told me no aquaphor b/c it absorbs into the skin while vasoline & a&d stay on the skin to protect. just an fyi.. good luck!


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answers from Indianapolis on

Bag Balm!!!! is the greatest. Just ask your pharmacist where it is. It's in a square green metal container. It will clear any diaper issues up in no time.

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answers from Youngstown on

I would let her little butt air out as much as possible. Take off the diaper and lay her on an old blanket or something just in case she lets one loose the blanket will catch it. Fresh air helps alot. Good luck to you and congrats on the new baby!



answers from Mansfield on

Balmex is another good one to use for rashes. Like its already been suggested..could be the formula or the brand of diaper u are using. My grandson is sensitive to certain brands of diapers and the only ones he can wear is the Luvs. Letting him air isnt a bad idea either



answers from Cincinnati on

You could do that airing out. Also you could do the oatmeal bath if her cord is gone of course. We have also used Triple paste. Or a mixture of Mallox and aquaphor. You want to use an ointment so it sticks and makes a barrier.
Also sometime the brand of the formula can cause this so you might want to try a different brand.



answers from Indianapolis on

I completely agree with Carrie W. - BAG BALM!!! That stuff is like magic!!!

Desitin and Aquafor never worked even close to as wonderfully as Bag Balm.

Another thing to consider is: what type of diapers are you using?

With our first daughter, we used Pampers Swaddlers, then Pampers Cruisers, and when she was just about out of the cruisers, Pampers changed the way they made their diapers and she was getting yeast infectins ALL the time. We ended up switching to Huggies. Then with our second daughter, once she was beyond the size for the Pampers Swaddlers, we went straight to Huggies.

So, you might try changing the brand of diapers you use just to see if that might be a contributing factor.

Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Truly the best diaper rash treatment there is! Aquaphor and Maalox are the best. The Aquaphor is like a clear "grease" and you mix the liquid Maalox into the Aquaphor. It takes a little while to "mix"...but just use your fingers and it will eventually mix together. This is a wonderful remedy that my pediatrician told me about. You can use this as often as you need to but usually you will see a "dramatic" improvement after one application.

I also liked "boudreaux butt paste" as well.



answers from Cincinnati on

Airing out will help. If you wet down a soft cloth with mineral oil it helps get the diaper cream and anything stuck on the bottom without scrubbing, along with adding a protective barrier. I have also heard that making a bath without all the soaps in it and such help, and adding in vinegar (just a dab) helps. Not sure, never tried it.