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8-Month-old Son Has Had Diarrhea for Almost 7 Weeks

I think the subject line pretty much says it all, but here is more background: On Aug. 24, I took my then 7-month-old son Michael to the ER with what turned out to be intussusception (telescoping of the small intestine into the large intestine), for which he was given a Gastrografin enema, which partially reduced the telescoping, but not completely, so then he underwent emergency surgery. By the next morning in the pediatric ICU, he had diarrhea, followed that evening by a recurrence of intussusception, for which he was given another...

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Need Relief for Son's Mouth

I just took my 24 month old to the Dr. for having a high fever that has lasted for about 2 days. There are no other symptoms other than a fever and some blisters on his tongue that just showed up. The Dr. said it was a form of Hand Foot and Mouth. He doesnt have anything anywhere else on his body, just on his tongue. Does any one know anything about this or how to sooth the pain? All I was told was to give him 1/2 tsp pink Benadryl and 1/2 tsp Mylanta or Maalox mixed to numb the sores. He is loosing weight due to this because it hurts to eat.

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If I'm Sick Can I Get Baby Sick??

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. It hurts to swallow and talk. I dont have a fever or anything but I'm deathly afraid of getting my 5 mo old sick! Am I allowed to take antibiotics if I'm breastfeeding? I have a dr appt at 3 but until then I'm afraid to get too close to my baby. He seems sad that I'm not interacting with him much today but I'm not sure what might get him sick. :(


Hand Foot Mouth

My 2 1/2 yr old son has been diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth. His mouth is...