Need New Ideas for Easter Art Crafts (Infant to 2 Year Old)

Updated on April 18, 2011
A. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi mamas,
You gave me some great ideas in the past, so here is my question: I have a small in-home daycare, my kids' ages range from 10 months to 2 years old. What would it be a reasonably priced art craft for them to do for Easter, please one WITHOUT the kid picture, I will save that for the Mother's Day project.
Many thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you guys. You have some interesting ideas. I will follow Jae's input about the bunnies' footprints for the little ones and I will have the the older kids color eggs and bunnies shapes with hand paint and sponge brush. I also like the web site NB recommended. There is a project that uses rubber ducky stamping. The bottom of the duck is shaped like an egg, so it is in tune with Easter. I will take pictures while the kids work on these projects, print them and give them to the parents. Lastly, we will have easter egg hunt on Good Friday in the backyard.

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My friend gave me the best idea she got from Parents mag. Get the cheep plastic eggs and let the kids put foam stickers or other stickers on it. you can put ribbon with tape or anything on them.

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ok this may sound dumb, but color easter eggs. get the plastic ones or whatever and some paint, and let them paint them :) for the babies you could have them help. i used to help my daughter paint at her daycare when she was an infant, i'd just hold hte brush in her hand and paint it... lol, you could paint their names and ages on it. after they decorate it



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My mom did the "thumbunny special" bunny cards last year with my kids.
It was their little thumbprints made into a bunny face and ears and they glued on a pink little nose and eyes.
I guess, you would need to be the one who does nose and eyes due to the age of kids, but it was super sweet.

Also Check out NACCRRA's website. they have a whole section on crafts and projects for kids based on age and they update it everymonth.
I really think it is fun not to always have a holiday determine the crafts for the month/week and this site helps a lot with that.

Have fun!



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*Felt pre-cut into egg shapes w/different felt pieces cut out to decorate: zig zags, polka dots etc.
*construction bunny ears
*plastic eggs to fill w/jelly beans and small plastic toys (mini cars, rings etc)
*bunny face made out of construction paper. hv these pre-cut: eyes, mouth, nose, whiskers, ears


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If you haven't already, and are on for TEACH PRECHOOL on there...its her stuff (deb) plus connection to all sorts of other blogs with ideas for daycare/preschool stuff...just tons of ideas!

Here is just the web one if you are not on FB....

But I prefer to get the FB ones in my newsfeed...everyday is a bunch of new ideas just right there in front of me and I click to see more if I like. TONS and TONS of odeas and blogs..many of which I go back and click to save the sites as well......



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JoAnn's has Easter projects that are way cheap since they have already discounted them 40% or more. My daughter did foam eggs with the glitter foam stickers ... The foam eggs were originally $2 and the stickers the same $2. So we ended up making 10 eggs for $1.20. I just put holes in the top, strung them up with ribbons and hung them from our kitchen chandelier. It's adorable and she could do it all by herself!


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You could make salt-clay, and let them make egg-holders for them to display their favorite easter egg in. They can either use pre-colored clay, or make white clay and let them paint it when it dries. Even the babies could do this... I'm sure they would like to squish the clay! lol. The older kids can make a design, and you can press an egg into it to make an indent when they are done. You could even let them decorate some plastic eggs to complete the project.



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My daughter made a matching game for her 2-year-old with an egg carton and colored plastic eggs. She printed off dots the colors of the eggs she had (or you could get paint chips) and glued them in the bottom of the egg carton. Then Emily matches the eggs to the colors to put them into the carton.



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This isn't for Easter, but it could be for spring...

Make butterflies from paining feet and stamping them on paper. Paint one foot at a time and stamp on the paper with the outside of the foot making the inside of the butterfly. The shape of the foot and toes make the wings.



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A friend of mine just did the most adorable project where she made bunnies out of her kids' footprints. Similar to Julie K's butterfly idea, but bunnies are obviously more Easter-y. The footprints were upside down. She drew bunny faces on the heels and ears on top of them.

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