Need Help in Planning Our First Easter Party

Updated on March 10, 2008
K.M. asks from Roy, UT
4 answers

I really want to have an Easter party for my children this year. My kids are 7 yr. old boy and 6 yr. old girl, so we will be having boys and girls that age. I am looking for any cute craft ideas. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


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answers from Salt Lake City on

Go to they have fun crafts and tys that com pre packaged in seperate kits, so you dont have to sort items before hand. Inexpensive and cute ideas.



answers from Grand Junction on

Kite making: paper kites, real kites, strings and tails, paint and stickers.
Wind chimes: rods of wood with holes or eyelets to string to a figure. Painted, made of femo clay.
Plant flower bulbs: spring bulbs, decorate pots
Photo art: Set up a digital and instant photo printer. Blowing bubbles, a few great shots per kid and they choose one, print it up and make a popcicle-stick frame.



answers from Denver on

go to



answers from Denver on

Go to or She has a kid section. You will find tones of ideas There.

A few thoughts that just came to mind would be cupcakes and fresh fruit for your snack with a colorful punch or juice boxes. If you have a chocolate fountain those are fun too. Tulips and bunnies as decorations for the table with colored eggs. You could have an egg hunt with plastic eggs or turn it into like an egg treasure hunt, one clue leads to the next and the prize is a stuffed bunny or something? Make a Egg pinata - so easy your kids can make it for the party. Then decorate it like an easter egg.

Hope those ideas have helped..

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