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Updated on March 13, 2011
L.F. asks from Ellicott City, MD
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I have no children and don't have the slightest clue how to throw a shower or what to say in the announcements. My sister just moved out of state from all family and friends. The only family she has here is me and her mother-n-law... This is her first daughter and I would like to do something special for her. I would like to send announcements out to our family back home letting everyone know that she is about to have a baby girl...Any suggestion on what I could do for her or what to say on the announcements would be greatly appreciated. ya I meant

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answers from Dover on

It is great that you want to help but.announcements should really come from the parents-to-be unless they have specifically indicated that they want you to do that for them. Announcements typically come after the birth so it gives name, dob, weight, height, etc. and maybe a picture. As a new mom, it is something you really want your hand in.

Now, if you are wanting to through the parents or mom-to-be a shower, then my all means send out shower invitations. Since you didn't mention how far "out of state" she moved, I don't know if the family traveling to a shower is realistic or if you would send them out figuring many could not make it but may send something since she is family. In which case, you could through her a small shower or luncheon but arrange to have any gifts sent from out of town delivered to you so you could surprise her later.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Baby announcements ("The baby is born!") are one thing, and shower invitations are another. I take it that this is a shower you're planning. Like any party, your invitations need to say when and where, and include where (if anywhere) the mama and daddy are registered for baby gifts.

You could say, "Help us welcome Laura and Jay's new baby girl into the world!" Perhaps you could find other wording by going online and googling something like "baby shower invitations" (I haven't checked this out but it seems like a good guess).

You can get some good online ideas for what to do at a shower, too. Ask your sister and her husband if they want this to be an all-girl party or if the husbands are included. It will make a difference. At some showers, games are played, but it doesn't have to be done and some folks don't like them. You can ask her about food preferences as well. Usually there will be a cake, some other little goodies, and something to drink. Ask a good friend to help you decorate your house for the party - or wherever you plan for the party to be.

I hope this helps a little. I think you're so sweet to be wanting to do this for your sister!


answers from Detroit on

Go to Vistaprint and make some flyers. (I have used flyers to make shower and birthday invites). I love making it look like a movie poster.

Here are some wording suggestions:

"Mama Llama(/mother's name) production in collaboration with Mac Daddy (father's name) pictures proudly presents...

And baby girl makes (#)"

In the bottom you can put the EDD date and underneath in smaller print add " arriving at a hospital near us"

starring: Baby Girl, mom, dad
also starring: (list siblings)

here is a photo of an invite I made for my dd's 5th birthday.

I made the same concept of my sil shower her backdrop was a pregnant belly.



answers from Washington DC on

If you are referring to birth announcements or an announcement that your sister is pregnant -- that is news that should come from her.

If you mean an invitation to a baby shower, than I would arrange the details of the shower with your sister first, including whom she would like invited, and then send the invitations.



answers from Dallas on

It's very sweet of you to want to do something special for your sister, but I would check with her before sending out any type of announcements. That is usually something the parents do right after the baby is born. Maybe you could have a special mini baby shower and take your sister and her mother in law to lunch or something. I'm sure whatever you do she will love.

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