Need AC Man in Denton

Updated on June 06, 2009
M.H. asks from Denton, TX
4 answers

Its HOT outside and I don't mean Paris Hilton hot. I need an affordable AC repair man to come out to our house in Denton. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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answers from Dallas on

First Environmental Heating and Cooling

Keith (the owner) is honest, friendly, and hard working.

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We've used A-1 Air Conditioning and Appliance for years.

Our home is 17 years old and we still have the original units. Whenever they've come out, they repair things very affordably and don't try to sell us whole units. In fact, we've been dealing with the same guy for years, and I was surprised when I looked them up on the internet and saw they have a website and service the whole metroplex... I really thought this was a small mom & Pop kind of opperation. You usually don't get this kind of service from bigger companies.

Good luck!

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Cogburns' Service General. It cost more on weekend and after hours on Week days so if you can way until regular business hours you will save yourself 40 bucks. The Diagnostic (to have someone come out and tell you what is wrong is 59 dollars) and then they will tell you how much the repair would be before they fix it.

Cogburn's Service General
215 S Woodrow Ln # 100, Denton - ###-###-####



answers from Knoxville on

Try Work Enviromental Systems, Inc. Contact info is or ###-###-####. We used them recently and they were wonderful to work with.

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