My Daughter Has No Friends, She Needs Kids Her Own Age

Updated on July 18, 2012
C.D. asks from Garland, TX
11 answers

i live in an elderly neiborhood. my 14 year old girl has no friends any suggestions. i put her in gymnastics but all the kids are younger...

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answers from Nashville on

The YMCA in Garland has some teen programs

BARNES & NOBLE has some events

The Garland Library has some Teen geared events

She can join the Garland Youth Council

There are lots of volunteer opportunities for teens in Garland.,%...



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answers from Denver on

what about school? is she home-schooled? Sports is a great way to meet friends. at her age the girls in gymnastics are very competitive and yes a lot of the kids are younger and not quite to that level or age.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Gymnastics is a good start. Are there any other sports she likes? One where she could be on a team with girls her own age? Soccer maybe? Softball?
Sports are the BEST way to make friends! Maybe take her to your local library or skating rink? What are some more of her interests? Finding someone with common interests are your best bet.

~All she really needs is just one really good friend! That's it, just one! Hopefully when school starts again, she will find one.

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answers from Dallas on

Does she have school friends? I would do a few sleepovers back and fourth. We do this now diring the week since it is summer. Ive had kids here 3 days in a row amd vise versa.What sports if any does she like to do? Maybe check out the Ymca in your area. School will be starting soon so that might solve the problem in about 6 weeks.

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answers from Norfolk on

She should try Girl Scouts.

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answers from Kansas City on

Do you go to church anywhere? It's a good place to be and also a place to meet friends in groups. She'll find one friend and that will be the start of either a loyal friendship or the start to meeting many others to form a friendship.

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answers from San Francisco on

What about school friends?

Maybe she could volunteer somewhere to make some friends or hang out at the local community center/swimming pool.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Oh this question made me so sad for ya'll! I agree w/ moms suggestions for church, summer camp, sports, pool & Girl Scouts.... Also, check for a parents of teens or moms of teens group w/ family activities. Or start your own group on meetup.



answers from Washington DC on

Yep, Girl Scouts. A girl can begin at any age -- she does not have to have been in GS since she was little! And GS will not be a competitive atmosphere like in a sport environment. Contact your local Girl Scout Council. To find your local council, go to (the national GS web site). For girls her age, GS can be really active and fantastic -- by age 14, Girl Scouts should be setting their own agenda, earning and spending their own troop money and doing some excitiing things the girls themselves choose. Talk to leaders of a couple of troops before choosing one, so that your daughter gets a good "fit" for herself; you wouldn't want her in a troop that camped frequently if she would really prefer an artsy troop, or in a troop that did a ton of crafts if she would prefer hiking, for example. A good troop should have a balance of activities.

If she won't even consider GS, Boy Scouts used to have a co-ed program for teenagers called Explorers but I'm sure its name has changed by now. Look into that. If you are religious, there are teen groups at churches and synagogues and other places of worship. If there is a university nearby, see if it has programs for teenagers -- one near us has a writing institute where teens can learn about writing and get creative and meet other creative teens. You may have to really look around and see what interests her.

And most of all there are school friends. Does't she have any friends from school with whom she can do things? It might require more arranging and pickups etc. but definitely have her start inviting girls from school over to do specific things -- make jewelry or decorate t-shirts, create journals with great covers, watch a video, make homemade pizzas or homemade ice cream, do mani-pedis on each other, play games, anything.

And yes, I agree that volunteering is excellent. She would meet other teens who are interested in giving back to the community.


answers from Dallas on

Does she go to school? She should be able to meet someone in her classes.

Is everyone in your neighborhood elderly? Are there parks nearby? Community pool? I'd think she could find someone to babysit or visit with some of the elderly... I am sure some of the elderly have grandchildren, etc.

Go to the local rec center or Y and sign up for some class... whatever she is interested in sports, dance, gymnastics.

Does she go to church? We don't attend a specific church but during the school year my daughter goes to Young Life and it is a very popular good activity which is Christain based.

What are her interests? Sports is a great avenue to meet people. If she has not started anything yet, it is harder to get with your age group due to experience.

Local pools... go hang out at the public pool. Most are less than $5 to get in and there are teens everywhere.

Many places have teen themed things... We love Top Golf, it is full of people of all ages. Dave and Busters, Main Event, etc.

Did she have no friends at school this past year? Are you new to the area? I don't understand why there are no connections at all.

Network. Do you work outside the home? Does your company have family day, etc for work?

Get involved... volunteer, get a job (some grocers will hire at 14 for baggers), get out of the house, be seen and interact with people.

Your neighborhood is probably a great place to start. Don't assume eveyone is old.. A lot of people stay inside a lot right now due to the TX heat. In late afternoon or early mornings, go on walks and meet neighbors. Who knows, there might be a babysitting opportunity.

Go to the school where she is scheduled to attend and get info. If they are closed right now, which they probably are, go to the school district website and get info on activities, clubs, and involvement opportunities.

Help her get involved. If she is extremely shy... maybe have her take a class. When my daughter was in 7th grade she went to an Etiquette Class for a week which was basic etiquette... place settings, sitting/walking properly, what utensils to use at a nice dinner, thank you notes, etc. It was a fun experience for her and it will bring you out of your shell if you are in one.

You have Firewheel Town Center over there with a lot to do, Hawaiian Falls Water Park....libraries, etc.

Best wishes.



answers from Phoenix on

Activities, sports, school - does she partake in any of those things, with kids her own age?

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