My 11 Month Old Won't Lie Down!

Updated on May 10, 2009
M.H. asks from Roswell, NM
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My baby boy has always put himself to sleep at night time. I just put him in the crib in his grow bag and he would fall asleep after about 10 minutes. He has been standing on his own for a while now, but over the last few weeks he has taken to standing in his cot when I put him down to sleep. I stay and try to settle him, but sure enough he stands up straight away and more often than not falls and bumps himself on the wooden bars and then cries. So I come and settle him and it starts again! I have taken to putting him in his pushchair (after hours of settling him back to laying down again), strapped in. He falls asleep immediately and then I transfer him to his crib. Sometimes he is so tired he is standing up with his eyes closed.

How does everyone else cope with this? Is it just a stage?

Your help would be appreciated!

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answers from Houston on

It's really tough when they learn a new skill like that. It is definitely a stage and he will get over it in a couple of weeks probably, once he learns to get back down by himself without falling. You will probably just have to keep putting him back down until he gets it or put him in his swing like you did before. I don't know if I would do that for any length of time though because you don't want him to forget how to get himself to sleep without the motion. Sleep issues are the hardest thing about parenting at this age! Good luck to you.

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answers from Austin on

Can you put him in his crib for his nap? Why the transfer?

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answers from Corpus Christi on

It's probably just a phase. Since standing if fairly new to him, it's all he can think about! It's like when you have something new/big going on in your life & you lay in bed at night & your mind goes 90 mph. Lol! He's just excited about it.



answers from Houston on

As the weather is warmer now, you might want to not use his sleep sack anymore. This probably adds to his falls.

Yes, this is a stage he is going through. When standing up isn't so new he'll do a bit better. You might try having lots of activity before bed so he is on the tired side, then settle down with a story or some songs and THEN put him in bed and see if it helps.

I guess sleep problems are common no matter what country you are from. *wink*



answers from Victoria on

I put our son to bed. If he gets up he will eventually lay down and go to sleep. At this age he thinks its a game and knows you will go in there. If our son bonks his head I wont go in there. I know he is fine. He never waps his head so hard that it bruises or bleeds. They need there sleep and the more I go in there to settle him the more he wakes up or gets angery and cries. Just put him down and leave him for an hour or more. We have a noise maker that helps him not be able to hear us. Our monitors we can hear if he cries or actually really needs something. Hope this helps. Good luck.



answers from San Antonio on

M., What a wonderful gift your question is to see on Mother's Day, for someone whose sons went through that and are now in their late 30's. I agree with all the responses - this is a fun stage for a baby. Loose the sleeper gown and get him into something that allows safe balancing. Give him that independence to fall and get up. Learning to entertain himself too in the process. You'll charish these days with a full heart. God bless you and your family.



answers from Houston on

Does he still have his bumpers? If not, put them back in his bed.

This will prevent him from hitting his head on the wood.

My daughter has stood in her bed since the first day she could stand. She falls often but bumps her head on the bumper and keeps on going.

She is now 15 months old and takes several walking tours of her bed before settling down on her own and falling asleep.



answers from Waco on

My baby is 11 months now and naps have just become an issue. It seems that this is a stage.
I put her in some pj's that she could move around in like the kind with the feet in them. Then I lowered the mattress and put the bumper in there.
Now for the hard part... I left here there. It was so hard to walk away, but she thought that standing there (sometimes sitting) was a game. After the first two days I noticed that she fell right to sleep when I put her down for a nap.
It was hard, but it work quickly.
Hope this helps.


answers from Austin on

It's just a stage.....all toddlers do this when they first learn to stand up. It'll pass. It's harder to learn how to sit back down from a standing position than it is to stand up.



answers from Austin on

My 9 1/2 month old girl also stands immediately after I lay her down at bedtime. It is a stage for sure, so be encouraged. My little one has already figured out how to sit back down. We have a 10 minute rule in our house. If she begins to cry (and we know it's a fussy cry, not a scream), we listen for up to 10 minutes. She usually doesn't last that long before she's gone to sleep or resettled herself. If she fusses for more than 10 minutes we know that she's just not going to sleep yet, or her teeth are bothering her, etc.

Good luck, this too shall pass.



answers from Austin on

If you can stomach it, leave him in his crib no matter what. If he bumps himself, soothe him while he is in his crib and then walk away. If he is standing with his eyes closed, let him fall asleep. His mattress is soft enough to cushion his fall and he will supposedly get himself into a comfortable position and go to sleep.
Kudos to you for staying at home with him. It's not an easy decision and it's not an easy job! But it sure does have its benefits-you can't get that kind of smile at work! Just keep at it and keep pushing the routine. good luck!

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