Mom's with Children with Juvenille Diabetes

Updated on September 28, 2009
R.S. asks from Largo, FL
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My 9 year old son was recently diagnosed with Juvenille Diabetes. My husband and I have been researching and learning all we can and have done pretty well. But when he gets a cold or fever, this is when we are lost. I have tried to get information from our Endochronologist nurse, but she keeps insisting that all we can do is call the doctor when we have a problem. What we would really like is to know what to do when things happen, not be in a constant state of "what do we do now?" If anyone can give us some help or advice, we would greatly appreciate it.

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answers from Melbourne on

Diabetes is caused by fungus! The fungus must be controlled--with diet and exercise and probiotics(acidophilus, bifidophilus, etc.)
A website that will be of great help: Know The
Get their diet as free of carbohydrates as possible.

Love and luck,

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Who is your endocrinologist? They should have a diabetes educator in their practice that will (and should have already- this should be done at diagnosis) educate you on what to do when your child is sick. If you do not go to the Nemour's endocrine group I suggest you switch to their group, they are very good and I know they have a complete team with educators and dieticians. You may want to talk to the current doc as well and let them know their office staff is giving you the run around on the phone instead of helping you get the info you need. You are exactly right in thinking you need to know what to do differently when your child is sick in order to keep him out of the hospital! Good luck.



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Try the UM Dept of Pediatric [email protected] work alongside the Diabetes Research Institute and have classes for kids and their families about everything that comes with being diabetic.

I too am diabetic (but Type II, so it's a different situation) and I found the classes at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) were outstanding. My daughter's friend was 13 when I found out he had Type I JD. He too sees the UM docs and has taken classes at DRI and his family was very satistifed.

Drink lots of water when you're sick and watch out for the insane amount of sugars in OTC medications. Good luck!


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Good Morning,

I would like to send you some information regarding the products that I take. I have a lot of family that have been fighting the disease of diabetes. I am doing all I can in my life to prevent it and I feel i found the right solution.

My personal email is [email protected]

If you would give me permission to send you what I found just send me an email to do so.





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Hi. My husband has been type 1 since he was 3. He says to check sugars more often and increase insulin levels because the body is fighting. Drink lots of fluids. Email me if you ever need support or encouragement for your little guy, my husband is passionate about that. Lambert. [email protected]



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Hello. Just want to let you know that we have a Family Resource Network in Jacksonville. We are supported by the American Diabetes Association. I've been a volunteer for FRN for years. We organize social and educational events, help families with back-to-school success, and link families together who know what we are going through. My son was diagnosed at age 7, and is a happy, healthy 15-year old today. Regarding sickness...I completely understand that you want to be ready to help him when and if the time comes. We were always a bit nervous about that too, because we heard some scary stories. First, don't be alarmed; you will handle it just fine. When your children are sick, you monitor them, right? That's what you'll do for you son with diabetes. You'll keep him pumpled up with fluids, give him something for the fever, monitor his blood sugar. Sometimes, he will need more insulin to bring down the high blood sugars, that's why you'll want to check more often. You'll also always want to have ketone sticks on-hand, and check for ketones while he's ill. Sometimes, ketons can even be present during normal blood sugars; more likely present during high blood sugars though; which is a signal (the ketones) that their body is not getting the proper amount of insulin to keep blood sugar in control. Really, you will do fine. Please feel free to call me if you like.
Take care and keep up your persistence in learning all you can!
Peggy, ###-###-#### during evenings and weekends.



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i had a similar problem several years ago with a grand child. i consulted my dietation and her first suggestion was to make sure everything she ate was glutten free, means no pasta, white bread ect. and to make sure there was plenty of fresh fruit and fresh vegatables, and to limit the amount of red meat as well as pork, not to cut them out. ive cone the same for me with type 2 diabetis and ive been med free for allmost a year now and my sugar test real good every day.
there is glutten free flour and all knids of things available. i also research the computer at least once a month, for new recepies. ask your dr about it. medical research is finding that lack of gluttons do help diabetics.
you can even make glutton free deserts. i know it helped me and my grand daughter. good luck and GOD BLESS



answers from Miami on

What exactly is your concern for when the child has a cold or fever? Using natural methods of helping clear toxins and mucus and strengthening/balancing the immune system seem logical. There are also ways to help energetically and biochemically repair the damage that triggered the diabetes, which involves some "alternative" medicine approaches.

Best wishes,
J. S.

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