Meal Plan for 13 Month Old

Updated on May 07, 2008
H.J. asks from Henderson, NV
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My son is 13 months old, I'm not sure what to feed him besides diced apples, mandarin oranges, turkey rollups, and carrots! Any advice or ideas?

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answers from Honolulu on

Avocados, un-processed foods, pasta, tofu, baked stuffed potatoes that is very well cooked and soft, baked sweet potatoes, baked squash, scrambled eggs (without the egg white), soft cooked veggies, bananas.

FYI: kiwi fruit is very allergenic. I know because my daughter is allergic to them from the time she was a toddler. It can even cause swelling of the throat/mouth, and causes "tingling" pain in the mouth.

ALso make sure he is getting WHOLE milk... they need this up through at least 2 years of age. The milk "fat" in it is necessary for brain development.

I know theres lot more ideas, but I"m drawing a blank now. But these are things my son likes. :) I would also stay away from juices, sugary liquids. They don't really need that yet.
Good luck and congratulations on baby #2!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi I give my 12 month old a few bites of whatever we are eating, as long as it is not too spicy and doesnt contain allergens. Other great snacks are pieces of whole wheat bread, grapes, bananas, apricots, peas, edemame, cheese, yogurt, raisins, peaches, etc
Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

At 13 months my daughter ate what we ate, with the exception of anything spicy and salad. And I don't think she was eatting beef yet, but she started not too long after. Now is the BEST time to get him used to big person food, because if you are making him seperate meals during his toddler years he will expect you to continue, and when do you stop? I started by kind of adapting our meals so she could eat them, but not much. If something had a spicy sauce or something I would take some out before putting the sauce on. Then I started giving her a little of the sauce. Kids need a variety of foods and flavors at this age- at between 18 and 20 months they will all of a sudden refuse to eat anything new, so take this opportunity to introduce new flavors while you can. And don't give up on foods- kids need to try things up to 7 times before they can develop a taste for them. If you do this now you will set yourself up for success during the more difficult preschool years! And you should also be encouraging him to feed himself as much as possible- I focused on turning anything into a finger food (spaghetti, anyone?) and gave her a toddler fork or spoon to practice with as well. Now she's an expert with a fork and spoon (I think the take and toss toddler utensils are best, and they're cheap). Slow down on the fruit and give him more vegetables, cooked well and cut small. Fruit is great, but avoid canned (they add a lot of sugar), and if you're feeding all fruit and no veggies your child will become used to the sweet and reject the relatively bitter taste of vegetables.

Good toddler foods:

Soft cooked pasta
whole wheat waffles
cereal (please not the sugary stuff!)
any vegetable, fresh or frozen and well cooked
chicken (make sure it's cut small until he gets used to it)
Crackers- yea goldfishies!
FRESH fruit (see below)
hot dogs- cut in half the long way (I know, not the healthiest choice, but there are nitrate free options, and we only do it occasionally!)
String cheese, or any cheese cut up
Applesauce (no sugar added)

Here are some meal examples that I fed to Izzy around that age:

Breakfast- frozen whole wheat waffle, cut up or cereal with milk (she started eatting cereal with milk right around this age- the milk makes it stick to the spoon, which makes it easier for them), or oatmeal cooked with fruit and milk

Lunch- we're a lot less formal for lunch than dinner, so I usually do whatever's quickest and easiest. We would always have a veggie- steamed or sauted peas, broccoli, or green beans usually, some rice (I usually have some pre-cooked in the fridge) or pasta, and a protein, either cheese, some diced ham, veggie or chicken nuggets, baked chicken, or something leftover from the night before.

Dinner- what I made for my husband or I! Izzy's favs: spaghetti (cut the noodles up well and prepare for a BIG mess) with either black beans or gr. turkey, tuna casserole (I know, weird), or anything with pasta, rice, or chicken (the girl LOVES chicken).

PS The canned/jarred "toddler" foods are a ripoff and not very nutritious. More toddler friendly- fresh orange sections, bananas, mangos, grapes (cut in half). And juice is bad! It's much better for toddlers to get accustomed to drinking water and milk. It sounds preachy, but I think juice is a "gateway drug" to soda, because it accustoms kids to drinking sweets.



answers from Los Angeles on

Pretty much anything you can chop up he can have. Some ideas are: banana slices, avocado slices, cooked peas, shredded chicken, cooked lentils, macaroni, tofu cubes, soft tortilla pieces, cheese slices, or even Chef Boyardee meals. Soups are also great! Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

i know how you feel. what i do with my daughter that is also 13mo. what i do is she gets eggs toast and sausage in the morning or fruit and yogurt. then for lunch she gets vegies and fruit sometimes a meat (i use the lil sticks from gerber graduates). then for dinner she gets a vegie and a meat like chicken or hamberger (plain). i try and find foods that are low in sugar and salt for my baby. like i find that fruit cups are really low in sugar (not the ones in jello), fruit rolls (like you find in produce section), dried fruit, the only canned food she gets is vegies, cheese diced, raw vegies and fruit, i buy the arrow root cookies banana cookies and snack crackers in the baby isle, kix cereal, chicken (the tenderloin strips), premade hamberger patties, with drinks she takes fruit juice (watered down) and low salt v8 (watered down) milk and water. theres so much you can give your baby. just try different things i know that if my daughter sees me eat it she will too. good luck!!!

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