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Updated on January 23, 2012
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My hubby and I are looking to replace our 10+ year old mattress this winter. I'm all for looking at the temperpedic but he thinks it'll be aweful b/c it won't let you rest right away if you roll over. He's thinking pillowtop. We both like medium/firm. Any thoughts?

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answers from Seattle on

We bought a temperpedic last summer and we *love* it. It did take us about 3 weeks to "break it in" and it was almost too firm for me during that time. And I love a firm mattress. Granted, the delivery guys told me to walk all over it repeatedly the first couple of days to help soften it and I only did that once. But now, 6 hours of sleep feels like 8. I don't know if I roll around when I sleep because I'm only waking up if kiddo cries out from the next room. It's fabulous. Worth every penny.

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answers from Bloomington on

We bought the knock-off version of TempurPedic at Walmart.com. We paid $629 after tax for a King sized 13" mattress. We picked it up at the store and it fit in the back of an SUV. It was folded in half and rolled up.

WE LOVE IT! We've had it a year now. We even bought a thinner one for our daughter (8") who is 4. She slept so well in our bed, that we were wanting something similar for her. She now sleeps through the night in her bed. It also doubles as the guest bed and no one has complained.

The only warning with this type of bed is that it does "smell" for about a week or so - totally normal. I noticed it, hubby did not. I have not found it to feel "hot". We do have a mattress pad over it though - so maybe that is why.



answers from Tulsa on

Denver Mattress/Furniture Row Madison Pillowtop.
Just make sure you use a mattress pad.

Go to a hotel and sleep on a Tempurpedic for a night or two. They get HOT and if you toss and turn, it takes 20 minutes each time for the foam to mold to you. I hated it.

Also, if you buy online, you can return it. Here, if we buy locally, they won't take it back ever.



answers from Appleton on

I love my Simmons mattress set but it's a really expensive set about $3000 new. I got it for a song because I worked for a furniture store when I bought it.
A few things I learned when selling mattresses. All new mattresses are going to feel really good because your old one has broken down. Memory foam is a buzz word in the industry and really does nothing for comfort. It springs back to shape so your mattress doesn't look like it's sagging. It is also HOT; for some reason it retains heat. So if either you or hubby are the warm type and because you live in TX it might be too hot for comfortable sleeping.
I live in Wisconsin and our temps took a dive this week we have been hovering within 5 degrees of 0 with wind chills 15-20* below on Thursday. I only have a summer blanket on my bed and many nights I only need the sheet and I have to crack open the window. Memory foam just retains the heat.



answers from Dallas on

I bought a Tempurpedic because of how well they support your back. I hated it for the first month that I had it because I could feel the bed mold to my body differently every time I changed positions. (And it had a factory smell to it and I have a sensitive nose.) However, my husband loved the mattress so I stuck it out. After the first month, the smell went away and the mattress "broke in enough" to where I don't feel it adjusting to my body anymore. I love Tempurpedics (and have bought 2 more for my kids). Did I mention I am a chiropractor and I really think it is good for your back.
The reason Tempurpedics get hot is not because of the mattress. It is because you have to buy a waterproof mattress cover to protect it. If you get a the Tempurpedic brand waterproof mattress cover, it is like sleeping on a rubber sheet (and causes you to sweat). I recommend going to Bed Bath and Beyond and buying a better quality waterproof mattress cover.
The person at the store told us to walk on the mattress a few times to help loosen up the material and help break it in faster.



answers from Dallas on

I bought a new mattress this summer, and I flopped on a lot of different mattresses. I loved the tempurpedic, but the sales guy warned me it ran hot. Given the summer temperatures in Texas, and my hot flashes, that was all I needed to hear. I ended up buying a really expensive natural latex mattress with a pillow top. It is UNBELIEVABLE. Best sleep I've had in decades. I adore my mattress, and it is the most luxurious feeling ever.

Mind you, my friend also has hot flashes, and her husband sleeps hot, but they love their tempurpedic mattress. Maybe I shouldn't have been scared off by the sales guy, because I really did like the way it felt. But I'm very happy with what I ended up buying.



answers from Wichita Falls on

We have had a temperpedic for about a year. We LOVE it. My hubby was concerned because people said that he might get "hot" as he is hot natured. But he does not and he sleeps better and so do I! I highly recommend it!
Good luck!

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