Looking for a Good Preschool/prek in the Clive/Waukee Area

Updated on January 23, 2007
K.L. asks from Clive, IA
4 answers

Looking for a good preschool/prek in the Clive/Waukee area. New to the area from GA. Looking also for recs on pediatricians, dentists, and good places to get a hair cut-both adults and children.

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answers from Des Moines on

Welcome to back the the midwest where the weather might do the complete opposite of what you'd expect. If you call wdm schools they do keep a list of preschools in the area. I think some are in the waukee district. WDM schools has a preK program at Clive Elementary, which I have heard from other parents that it's good. Also, St. Timothy's (Ashworth Rd) has been recommended by several people. I tried to get into but their early signups filled up quickly and they do not have many declining openings. I think partly because they charge a "wait list fee" in addition to the regular tuition.

West Des moines christian on Mills civic pkwy. is very good. when I called WDM Schools asking about area preschools, even though they can't formally endorse a particular program, my conversation with them confirmed what other parents had said just through asking different questions, that it is one of the better ones in the area. We do have our son attending that one and he loves it.

As far as hair cut places. Are you looking for more than the average "McDonald-style" place. If so, We go to Escape Salon and spa (across from Toys R Us -- next to Billy Joe's Picture show). Both men & women, not necessarily a kid place though. We do take our kids to Mary Allie & kiddles on 86th St/Swanson Blvd. they have the kid merry-go-round seats. Kind of like (i'm dating myself) the Lollipop shop used to be when it was on Merle Hay and Urbandale Ave. It's been bought out now and while they still have a few of the kid chairs, we were not impressed. Kind of shoved back in a corner and not dirty, but not welcoming or relaxing.

We just use our family doctor for kids. at Urbandale Family physicians. Dentists--only had one visit so not sure that quailifies for enough to recommend other than nice.

good luck. hope that helps



answers from Des Moines on

HI K.!!

Welcome to Iowa. The drs I like to recommend is Blank Childrens Health Center that is connected to Blanks Hospital. I have been going there for years for my children and absolutely love the staff and the care they give my children. Their phone number is ###-###-####. The dentist I like to recommend is Dr Forrest. He is wonderful to my husband and I and our children. His phone number is ###-###-####. If you ever want to get together to chat go to lunch or have the children play just email me at ____@____.com. I live in West Des Moines.




answers from Des Moines on

Hi K.-

My name is T. and I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

My girlfriend takes her daugter to preschool at the Methodist church in Waulkee and she really likes it. I'll find out for sure what the name of it is.

And as far as hair cuts, I get mine cut at Rick Mosely on University. I go to Jamie and really like her. It's an Aveda Concepts salon, so a bit pricey, but good. ###-###-####

Des Moines Pediatritions right there in waulkee are really good. That is where I take my kids. Dr. Wagner is who my favorite is in the practice, but they are all good. And I'm REALLY picky!! ###-###-####

My dentist is Dr. Gleichman. I like him. Very friendly and good. ###-###-####.

Hope all this hleps. I know it's hard to move to a new community. My husband and I moved to Overland Park Kansas and lived there for about 3 years before we moved back to Iowa where we are originally from.

What brings you to Des Moines? Do you like it so far? It's a great town. Not too big, but still has everything you need.

Let me know if you need anything else. I'm more then happy to help.




answers from Des Moines on

I take my daughter to the Appletree on Ashworth. I don't know if that is the area you are looking for or not. I LOVE IT though! I actually drive out of my way to take her there. I don't have a great recommendation for pediatricians, I too, am looking. I am not completely happy with mine right now. I do know a good place to get your hair done at. I am actually a stylist at Escape Salon and Spa. I used to be a preschool teacher before that, so I get many children. First visit gets 30% off too. Feel free to come in. Our number there is ###-###-####. Good luck with everything. Hopefully the winter won't make ya leave Iowa.

N. C

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